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It’s do or die time in Iowa.

The first votes will be cast there in the caucuses in less than a week.

Last night in a televised town hall on CNN, the democratic candidates got the chance to give their final pitch to voters.

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders went first vowing to do away with President Obama’s health care plan and raise taxes while doing it.

“If we move toward a Medicare for all not only do we cover the needs of all people, including that gentleman, we will save middle class people thousands of  dollars a year on their healthcare bills because now we pay by far per capita much, much more than any other country on earth. It is time in my view for us to have the courage to take on the insurance companies, take on the drug companies and provide healthcare to all people at an affordable cost.”

Hillary Clinton’s campaign has gone to great lengths trying to prove that Sanders wants to raise taxes on Americans with his Medicare-for-all plan, and last night Sanders confirmed it.

Raising taxes may not sit well with a lot of voters, but the moment that drew a big applause for Sanders was his call for a political revolution.

“If we are serious about rebuilding the American middle class if we are serious about providing families paid and medical leave to all of our people. If we are serious about ending the disgrace about having so many of our children live in poverty real way to do it is have millions of Americans stand up and say enough is enough!”

The reality is that Bernie has gone from long-shot to front-runner challenger, running neck-to-neck with Hillary in Iowa; even leading in New Hampshire.

Clinton, feeling the Bern, came to play last night.

Her first question, by the way, from a Sanders supporter, questioned her honesty and lack of support from younger voters.

“I just keep going forward they fall by the wayside. They come up with these outlandish things, they make these charges. I just keep going forward because there’s nothing to it. They throw all this stuff at me and I’m still standing. But if you’re new to politics, if it’s the first time you’re paying attention you go ‘oh my gosh look at all of this’. And you have to say to yourself why they are throwing all of that. Well I’ll tell you why: because I’ve been on the front lines of change and progress since I was your age.”

Like I said, she came to play – and to win!

And then there’s Martin O’Malley, the only candidate to mention Black Lives Matter and crime among young black men.

But he hardly made an impact in a forum clearly dominated by two liberal, political powerhouses.

Last night was all about HRC and the Bern.

Next week will be the same when Americans finally start to do what’s really important in any election, vote!

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14 thoughts on “Don Lemon: Who Won The Democratic Town Hall, Hill or Bern?

  1. Nancy Cruz on said:

    My question would be: Has there EVER been anyone more dishonest and untrustworthy to run for president than hillary…. I think not

    • I’m ‘thinking’ if I were to make such an assumption; then I would “NOT” vote for that person. Simple as that. Case closed…..nothing else to say, or debate. Duuuuuh LOL

      • Just to be clear… comment is in response to Nancy’s comment (not Chris’ bc I generally don’t respond to trolls). On another note….and it’s not directed to Nancy; I’ve noticed that Trump’s trolls have been commenting. People can follow, and vote for whomever they’d like; but I’m not drinking the Donald’s Kool-Aid. LOL

    • I’m just thinking if Hilary wins Bills Fellatio Gate will pale compared to her scandal
      Olivia Pope will turn and run screaming in terror

  2. One odd moment at the Democrat town hall in Iowa tonight that seems to be overlooked by many. Did CNN and Debbie Wasserman-Schultz distribute questions to those in attendance at the town hall before the show? A questioner said to Hillary Clinton “I can see why they gave you this question.” Who’s they? CNN? The DNC? This was said BEFORE the kid asked Hillary Clinton. The question was a softball question ‘Which of our presidents has inspired you and why?”. Really hard hitting material. Kind of like the Bernie Sanders athlete question.
    Something fishy is going on here. Would it be above CNN and The DNC to script questions for Hillary Clinton? Obviously not. CNN is the Clinton News Network and Debbie Wassmerman-Schultz has tried to protect Hillary Clinton by limiting debates to begin with.

    Would be nice if someone tracked down this kid and ask him if CNN gave out pre-scripted questions.

    • Willie on said:

      Chris, in all due respect, I contend your point is immaterial because IF H. Clinton is TRULY PREPARED to BE the President, BRING-IT-ON, in words to say, the Source of the Question should not bruise her innate Presidential Ability to Handle Whatever Questions from Whomever.

      • If Hillary is so prepared, why does the MSM and DWS protect her so much? Why so few debates? Why so many beachball questions?

  3. H. CLINTON Unworthy to BE President because it was a MAJOR MISTAKE & EVER COSTLY FINANCIAL BURDEN for the American People for her to vote to invade Iraq. This was a HUGE MISTAKE she made!, which she does not realize the Severity of that Major Misjudgment. She did not have the testicles to stand-up and/or oppose the Republicans proves she is not worthy to BE the President of the United States.

  4. I’m tired of the rhetoric from both Dems, and Repubs. They all talk smack when they are running, and get in office and don’t do jack. Like Congress who are paid big $$,; aren’t really getting anything done. Who among us could go to work everyday NOT do our job, and still retain our jo? SMDH!!

  5. No one won because NONE of the candidates on either side are talking about real issues. High ‘A’ food prices that keep rising while most salaries aren’t rising, Job creation (EXACTLY) how they plan to create jobs in this age of TECHNOLOGY taking a lot of jobs,

    • Actually I think it’s up to local politicians to help create jobs; Mayors, Councilmen, Governors, etc. They are the ones that can help bring jobs to areas….not Presidents.

  6. It was a DRAW.

    I did not appreciate Bernie wishing to un-do the Affordable Care Act. Everyone deserves access to affordable HEALTH CARE in this country–not just the RICH!!!!

    Since the Supreme Court has already made their decision regarding this issue–Bernie and those asshole GOP need to simply move on to another more important matter.

    As for Hill-once again her “sense of entitlement” was on display during this DEM Town Hall meeting!!!

    So tired of this old bag thinking she deserves to be the next President simply because she has been in the game for so long.

    At this point, I just might stay home in November–no longer thrilled with Bernie and cannot stand HILL.

  7. hey Don! Do you need some knee pads? If it is not Donald Trump, it’s Bernie Sanders / Hillary Clinton (forgot you don’t do fish)? Why not use your 2 to 5 minutes to tell us more about the water debacle in Flint or the new virus that’s heading to the United States? Come on BAW, not enough light on issues that should not only matter to Black America, but everyone…

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