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D.L. Hughley is the latest celebrity to throw in his two cents about the lack of diversity at the upcoming 88th Academy Awards.

Except in true D.L. fashion, the witty comedian/actor/radio host perfectly summed up the problem with the Oscars by connecting it to the issues with grand juries. He wrote:


What do you think about D.L.’s take?

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4 thoughts on “D.L. Hughley Likens the Oscars Committee to Grand Jury Deliberations

  1. So all the black actors of past decades that received nominations and went on to win an Oscar
    was do to???? so apparently there is more to it than your intellectually void quip….. move over Stacy Dash

  2. PULEEZE on said:

    Sorry DL most talented black actors/actresses aren’t criminals being chased by police and need a grand jury decision but nice try!! Thank you Dre, Ice Cube etc. for not letting the police harassment and your anger make you life long criminals preying on your own people!!! BOOM

  3. DL is a fool. That is one of the most accurate yet tasteful descriptions of what keeps happening to us. He’s like you all have seen this before, stop acting

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