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You had to expect GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump to stir the #OscarsSoWhite controversy by questioning why white actors get shut out of black awards shows, like the BET Awards. Trump expressed his opinion on Wednesday while speaking to Fox & Friends about celebrities boycotting the 2016 Oscars over the lack of black nominees.

Trump followed Fox contributor Stacey Dash’s lead on the show, where both guests were asked about the Academy Awards backlash. She called out BET for giving awards largely to black people.

“I think it’s ludicrous, because we have to make up our minds,” She told Steve Doocy. “Either we want to have segregation or integration. If we don’t want segregation, then we need to get rid of channels like BET and the BET Awards and the Image Awards, where you’re only awarded if you’re black. If it were the other way around, we would be up in arms. It’s a double standard.”

Later in the show, Trump weighed in, saying “I saw somebody on your show today say, ‘Well, what do we do with BET?’” said the real estate mogul, who called into the program the morning after Sarah Palin endorsed him for president. “The whites don’t get any nominations, and I thought it was an amazing interview, actually. I’ve never even thought of it from that standpoint.”

Actually, Trump and those who co-sign his nonsense should know that that white nominees at the BET Awards have included Eminem, Sam Smith, Robin Thicke, Iggy Azalea, Justin Timberlake and Justin Bieber among others. Some of them have even won.

Trump also noted that perhaps the lack of black (Oscar) nominees this year has more to do with talent, rather than race.

“I mean, I’ve watched over the years where African Americans have in fact received Academy Awards and have in fact been represented,” Trump said. “And this is not one of those years, but over the years I’ve seen numerous black actors and African American actors receive awards and I think that’s great. This doesn’t happen to be one of those years. … It’s a difficult situation.”

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33 thoughts on “Donald Trump: ‘Whites Don’t Get Any Nominations’ for BET Awards’

  1. Peter Johnson it seems to me that you have a big chip on your shoulders, such foolish you talk, you have deep childhood issues plz seek help immediately.

  2. Tar-Baby on said:

    Keep it coming Peter,please keep it coming because many if not most people don’t believe that vile,vicious,nasty and malicious racism runs rampant in this country.Still.I love you Good Buddy.keep up the Good O”Boy work.

  3. ANGIETANGIE on said:

    Hey peter i bet your white trashy mixed up ass sucked on a black woman’s breast that your mama had watching you. ohh you got black breast milk in your devil white ass. haha. we good enough to screw (which your father, grandfather, brother or evenyourself did) but we’re not good enough to be treated fair? Go head on with your satan ass. hell we do not need your white ass on this planet either. Black power you son- of -a BEOTCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. The old reverse game that they like to play. Most blacks could care less about the oscars. Most know how it works. The issue is the system and attitudes that some want to deny don’t exist. Even some blacks deny will smith said he doesn’t see rascim it’s the elephant in the room . However blacks need to stop worrying about them raise you kids make sure we get them educated on everything they need to know history and all keeping moving in a positive direction they don’t care.

  5. Jacqueline on said:

    Tell Mr. Trump that’s why the bet was created because of the Oscar controversy. And so many others like the Oscars.its why Mr.Johnson created this kind of TV.cause white america has always left people of color out purposely.Mr.trip response is ignorance on his part.reason not to vote him president.he speaks without knowing the facts.

  6. What would you do? on said:

    I know this was going to happen. Sometimes we just all need to keep our mouths closed. Jada next time keep your thoughts to yourself.

  7. AAW…you are still on this site talking crazy you are a poor excuse of a black woman Donald Trump is crazy as hell in fact BET awarded white people Sam Smith. The reason bet was created blacks weren’t being recognized on White TV shows. Stacey dash and Donald Trump are racist whites and so are you African American woman

    • African American Woman on said:

      C, you are a one track minded myopic person. Black people are not one big monolithic brain operating under one idea of opinion. Because I don’t automatically jump on the “white man dont want me” bandwagon, doesn’t mean im not black; it means I have my own opinion. Should I make assumptions about your ability to debate rationally? You do know, I aaaume, that intelligent people can hear the ideas of others, consider them and respect that they are different from yours. In that case, since you obviously can’t, should I then assume that you aren’t intelligent???

      • Ohh Cgm, still listening to your boy Farracoon? Why is it that blacks have the highest violent crime rate of any race? Why blackboy? Why are 75 percent of the worlds aids carriers blacks? Why do blacks score the lowest on every SINGLE IQ test. Dat test beez racist yo!

      • Ivan Cohen on said:

        Then this means that CMT is a racist POS. Does sound like Peter is a product of incest and also the typical ni@@er with a chip on his shoulder. His race will be history by 2050.

  8. African American Woman on said:

    Factually, Trump and Dash are correct. We cry rasicm about being left out of the Oscars, but also scream racism when someone questions u a about BET or other us oriented entertainment. Why are we the only ones who scream about nonsense. We have enough rich and connected black folks to create our own entertainment empire. Stop crying inclusion but want exclusion at the same time. Makes us look silly.

    • straightnochaser on said:

      If trump is elected, white folks are going to get an even bigger wake up call than the one they got when President Obama was elected twice. Right now, they are caught up in his hype because he’s representing their feelings. Once he starts catering to the wealthy, and a whole lot of poor white folks support him, while snatching away social programs they depend on (like those idiots in Kentucky), they will either claim they didn’t think he would take away their programs, or they’ll try and blame Obama.

      • Chris, you need to read Claud Anderson’s, Black Labor/White Wealth, it’s a wake-up call. You are still clinging to the thought that blacks love the Democrat Party, you think they don’t understand, Anderson said, “that the Democrat Party only rearrange the seats on a sinking ship, but they do know that being a Republican and conserving white privilege is unacceptable”. That is what you are doing in the Republican Party, you do know that, don’t you?

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