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It’s almost like she never left.

Who am I talking about?

“Ready to make America great again! Are you ready to stump for Trump? I’m here to support the next president of the United States Donald Trump!”

That’s right, she’s back!!

Sarah Palin jumped on the Make-America-Great-Again locomotive and wasted no time going after President Obama.

It was just like old times.

“Just last week we’re watching our sailors suffer and be humiliated on a world stage at the hands of Iranian captors in violation of international law. Because a weak-kneed capitulator chief has decided that America will lead from behind.”

Trump, who is used to being the center of attention, stood there for 20 minutes, awkwardly staring at Sarah in the spotlight.

I asked him about that on my show last night:

No, not at all.  No, I was, I was there.  I mean I didn’t know it was going to be quite that long, but she made a beautiful — you know, she made a very good speech.  No, I wasn’t uncomf — I was very happy.  I would have normally left the stage and let her speak, but I thought it would be nice, I thought it would be, you know, frankly nice if I was there.  I thought it would be disrespectful to her if I left the stage.  So, no, I wasn’t uncomfortable at all.”

While it might seem like an odd alliance, the actual courting began way back in 2008.

He praised her on Larry King’s CNN show for rejuvenating the Republican Party.

Palin, in turn, supported Trump in 2011 when he questioned President Obama’s citizenship.

Fast forward to 2015, Palin complimented Trump for not backing down to the media after his comments about Mexican immigrants.

She even defended his temporary ban on Muslim immigrants.

You get the point.

It’s a marriage made in political heaven.

Could she be Trump’s not-so-secret weapon?

Here’s the truth, they both drive news headlines and TV ratings.

One is a reality star turned politician, the other is a politician turned reality star.

He makes her relevant again.

And she buys him street cred with Evangelicals and tea party voters.

Sarah Palin will either be Donald Trump’s winning ticket for 2016 or get voted off the island.

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9 thoughts on “Don Lemon: Donald Trump and Sarah Palin – A Marriage Made in Political Heaven

  1. Sarah plain is getting paid big money to come and try to bash the president and blame him for her family problems how stupid can you get . They play on fear and ignorance let’s not forget hate . They are both racists don’t give a damn about poor or working people. Donald trump only likes the rich and the pretty.

  2. On Charlie Rose’s show journalist John Dickerson said Trump is having fun. SMDH!! An election is about serious business…..not about acting, entertaining, nor about having fun. Talk about (It appears as though Trump’s followers are drinking the Kool-Aid)

  3. hey Don and Tom – why not focus more on Flint rather than these dumb a**? one would think Don is wanting to work for Trump if elected as president! IJS

    • dajon0921 on said:

      I totally agree with you Shaun, we have too many problems in our community to worry about Trump, or even the Oscars! None of them are concerned about what’s going on in our communities.

  4. Dumb Trump’s leading in the GOP race for President is scary.

    If this nut winds up being the candidate heaven help this country!!!!

    The folks who are his supporters/followers are White Supremacists with backward mentalities.
    They are against civil rights/ gun legislation and anything that will improve the lives of their fellow American’s.

    Their main mission is to “take the country back”–the question is-how far back are they referring??????

  5. I have nightmares about how far this guy (trump) has gotten in our political process…nightmares. I agree, these two together will always gain attention…good or bad

  6. Leader on said:

    When are we all going to see Donald Trump is a plant, he is not that stupid. He has been put out there by Bill and Hilary Clinton, who probably is their dear friend, the more dumb and stupid stuff he says, they want it to make her look good and think we so stupid we will fall for it and vote for her. She doesn’t deserve to be President and somehow she thinks she is entitled, even when she was running against President Barack Obama. She obviously will try and say anything thinking we will believe her. The media also needs to stop making her look like Ms Sunshine and she can be the best for us as President, she couldn’t even do her job as Secretary of State right.
    Bernie Sanders for 2016

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