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Starz’s loss is apparently ABC’s gain as “Survivor’s Remorse” star Mike Epps confirmed that his character, Uncle Julius, would not be back for the show’s next season.

When viewers last saw Uncle Julius, he was involved in a terrible car crash that ended with him being thrown from his vehicle during the show’s season 2 finale in October. With his last words being “I wish I believed in God,” the character’s status was up in the air going into season 3.

With Epps no longer a part of “Survivor’s Remorse,” the answer seems clear.

According to the entertainer, his departure from the hit Starz show stemmed from the powers that be at “Survivor’s Remorse” not honoring his request to be paid more. As a result, Epps decided to leave the series and his Uncle Julius was killed off.

“I asked for some more money and they killed me,” The Wrap reports the comedian saying at the Television Critics Association panel in Pasadena on Saturday (Jan. 9). “That’s usually what happens on TV shows. If you remember Good Times, that’s what happened.”

“[On] ‘Survivor’s Remorse, I was like 24th lead,” he added.

Although he isn’t returning for the new season of “Survivor’s Remorse,” don’t feel bad for Epps. He’s already moved on with a new network and show in the form of ABC’s upcoming comedy “Uncle Buck.” The Will Packer-produced series will feature Epps in the title role, along with co-stars Nia Long and James Lesure.

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(Photo Source: Mike Epps Instagram)

10 thoughts on “Rumor Report: Mike Epps Asked for Raise on ‘Survivor’s Remorse’; Character Killed Off

  1. Ms. Andrea on said:

    Director James wanted to make all the money I guess but Mike carried his character well.

    Now let’s see where they go with the story line!

  2. Arizona Sunshine on said:

    He was such a pivotal part of this show, he brought so much humor and always had me laughing. You can could always count on uncle Julius to bring humor, light and truth to any situation. Everyone need an Uncle Julius. He will be missed but glad greater things were ahead for him.

  3. specialt757 on said:

    Just guessing here. The actors/agent don’t always know if a show will be a “hit”, lots of shows fail the first season. Actors make these shows with their abilities to adlib, or show expressions, or give a dull character new life (just some examples). So once the show does better than expected, and because of the acting skills of the actors, I see nothing wrong with them asking for more money. T. Howard and T. Henson skills made Empire one of the biggest hits in 2014, I’m pretty sure they started with one salary and now get much more (maybe it’s negotiated before, or maybe it’s not). Seinfeld did it, why not Mike?

  4. Patricia Miller on said:

    Mike is one of the great actors on the show. Your lost, Mike Epps will make it some where else because he has what ever is needed.

  5. Isn’t that what actors/actresses have Agents for-to negotiate the salary to be paid for their role in the tv show or movie?

    If the $$$ was not enuff then maybe Mr. Epps shouldn’t have accepted the part.

  6. ms. kim on said:

    awwwww love that show cant wait for it to come back but I do love mikes character not going to be the same with out him, will tune in to the new show for sure.

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