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Jacque Reid goes Inside Her Story with activist and author Angela Smith about the trafficking of young girls in America. Her book, Behind Closed Doors 2, tells the true story of a young girl who was sold into sex trafficking by her mother.

“Right after the release of my first book I had an encounter with a girl who wanted to share her story with me.  Her mother sold her to have dates with other men. She was 12 at the time. she had a baby at 14 and never saw the child. I started doing my research and I said, I’ve got to tell this story,” Smith said.

Click the link above to hear the entire interview.

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2 thoughts on “Author & Activist Angela Smith Talks Popularity Of Sex Trafficking In America

  1. Thilia Seary on said:

    What an interview I knew this had to be a true story it was so graphic and shocking you did her story justice in the book. But stuff like this could be happening everywhere it is but people today just mind their own business and your next door neighbor could be pedephile or a lurking monster nobody cares anymore I remember if a neighbor caught you cursing whip ass and drag you to your mom. Thanx Ms Smith for another jaw dropping,shocking,eye opening story

  2. Watch “Behind Closed Doors – Official Trailer (2)” on Vimeo:

    January is National Human Trafficking Awareness Month. Human trafficking is often considered an international phenomenon and women from third world countries are typically the first images that come to mind. However, “familial human trafficking” is a more intimate crime due to the dynamics of the underlying relationships. Behind Closed Doors 2 is an intriguing urban fiction tale that captures the very essence of this sensitive issue. The story is perfectly timed.

    Dallas, TX, January 02, 2016 –(– East St Louis is a city on the verge of economic collapse. Often considered the heart of America’s bottom because of its location downstream from the Mississippi River, it is also one of the most impoverished small cities in the country. In light of the poor infrastructure, rampant crime, and poverty, East St Louis is the epitome of a third world country.

    “Behind Closed Doors 2” is the riveting tale of one little girl’s struggle to overcome circumstances beyond her control. Born and raised on the ruthless streets of East St Louis, Dana Toussaint was accustomed to a life of privilege; thanks to her father, a Haitian-born immigrant and notorious drug lord. Dana’s mother; a materialistic southern belle from South Louisiana, is consumed by the good life, as memories of her upbringing in an East New Orleans housing project become a distant memory.

    In spite of the similarities between the Haitian and Louisiana Creole cultures, the marriage unravels and the unthinkable occurs when Dana’s father abruptly abandons the family. At the age of 12, Dana becomes the ultimate sacrifice and her mother brokers the deal.

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