…uterus to its normal tone and reduce swelling and bleeding after giving birth. Its ferulic acid content may ease menstrual flow by stimulating the muscles that support the uterus while also reducing excessive menstrual bleeding.

In the past, raspberry was used during pregnancy, but this is no longer recommended due to the possibility of stimulating contractions, says Chillemis. Raspberry is rich in nutrients that support the reproductive system as well as other body systems. These include flavonoids, tannins, beta-carotenes, alpha-carotenes, alkaloids, calcium, leutin, iron, manganese, phosphorus, magnesium, selenium, potassium, zinc, B vitamins and vitamins E and C, says Chillemis.

Be mindful that some herbs that boost uterine health should not be taken when you are pregnant due to risk of stimulating contractions.

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3 Herbs To Detox Your Uterus  was originally published on blackdoctor.org

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