Lark Voorhies has been in the hot seat for quite some time now — but social media users may have been a little quick to judge the former Saved by the Bell star.

A few days ago, an Instagram and Twitter account, both with the name @thelarkvoorhies, made some pretty bold allegations regarding the TV star. On Twitter, an unspecified user has been acting as Lark, replying to fans and tweeting on her behalf, ending each one with the signature “LV.” And, on Instagram, a user operating the account — it is not clear if the same person or people are operating both accounts — made a declaration stating Lark did not consider herself African-American, rather, simply just an American born in America.

The Instagram post went on to add:

And that’s not all. In December, Lark had to make a statement clearing up rumors stating she was diagnosed with Lupus due to false accusations being made on the anonymously-controlled Instagram page.

At the time of the incident, her reps told PEOPLE, “she doesn’t want to be perceived as someone faking an illness.

Lark also gave an exclusive statement to the publication.

She said, “the person or people committing this identity fraud are causing great distress to myself and my family. They are treating this like a sick joke…. [and] any posting ending with ‘LV’ is not from me.

Assuming these pages are not really run by Lark or her PR team, we encourage everyone following either one to take the posts with a grain of salt.

But, if you would like to stay updated with Lark’s “official” updates and opinions, she claims her only social media page is on Facebook. You can follow her here.

SOURCE: PEOPLE | PHOTO CREDIT: Lark Voorhies Instagram)

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