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BishopT.D. Jakes is certainly a man of Christ, but he has little patience for those who criticize his clothing choices. When Jakes posted an Instagram photo recently of his church attire when going to visit his son-in-law and daughter’s church, One Church L.A., some folks had a problem with the ripped jeans Jakes wore.


Some commenters found the jeans age-inappropriate, others felt they didn’t show enough respect for the church.

One poster was a little more open to the outfit, but wondered what message Jakes’ look sent.

I mean the bible doesn’t give us direct counsel on exactly what we should wear to our bible meetings but think about this… We dress way better for job interviews and this kind of look would be considered unprofessional, so wouldn’t we always want to display our best for God? Just a thought. Not judging. Everybody has the right to make their decisions on dress.

Still others though Jakes looked just fine:

“You can’t expect the bishop to wear robes & suits everyday!!! Cmon grow up! Bishop Jakes looks great… His fit is very age appropriate & classy. Do it for the vine sir!!!

“God doesn’t care what you wear He is more concerned about our soul and heart. He loves you no matter what. If Bishop Jakes wants to wear jeans let him if God doesn’t like that’s between Him and God and doesn’t concern anyone else. As long as his heart is right with the Lord what is the point in arguing.”

Eventually, Jakes responded to his critics with this post:

“I certainly want to comply with the word,” he posted in his Instagram comments. “I just missed the one about jeans in the pulpit.”

“When all else fails send everybody to hell who disagrees with you about blue jeans! Smh.

“I just can’t believe this has been debated by two or three antagonist all night! You don’t have the right to dress me! You do have the right not to like it. I probably might not like something u wear. That’s fine! If we just mind our own business, the whole world would be better!”

“I wish we had this much passion for the murders in Chicago, or those who are suffering in our cities. When I make post about helping the needy I don’t hear from many of you at all. You all seem to know what Jesus would wear but have no interest in what He would do! @art_vsz While you debate my jeans, tell em where you stand on women wearing make up, or female pastors. This kind of legalism is why so many frown on people of faith! In a word, get out of my closet and help the people in your cities! The homeless don’t care what any of us wear. Those suffering w cancer and disease don’t either. But you’ve spent your time arguing about something that is irrelevant! Most of the antagonist don’t even follow me anyway! Go back to your world and DO GOOD FOR GOD!”

Do you agree with Bishop Jakes…or his critics?

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32 thoughts on “Should Pastors Wear Jeans To Church? T.D. Jakes Answers His Wardrobe Critics [PHOTO]

  1. Kianna Baker on said:

    Well people would hate my church my hubby dress down every other Sunday as well as me and other members but we receive good word great worship and loving fellowship.we take things to seriously so the people who are judging him do you lie,cuss,have premarital sex, if so then youb are no better sin is sin judge yourself before you judge others smh we have so many Judges but nobody got a degree in law.

  2. What was adam and eve wearing before critics like you convinced them that their attire wasn’t appropriate in the presence of God?

  3. There is nothing inappropriate with his attire. Some people can find something wrong with EVERYTHING! If you don’t like it, don’t look. Simple as that!

  4. MariAnne on said:

    Wait a minute…Didn’t he go to his daughter & son-in-law’s church? Apparently, it was fine with them. What we really should be concerned about is why did those few ministers think it was ok to be in a closed-door meeting with the Trump?

  5. Dare to speak the truth on said:

    Even the club has a dress code! I don’t like Jeans in church at all , it’s very distracting and gives the church a laid back attitude about service ! Other faiths take their religion attire very serious and prayer time ! That’s why Chritianity is losing so many
    Worshippers because of the attitude .

    • LOL..yea that’s why so many are leaving the church…smh…Eddie Long wears a robe…hmmmmm…oh what about Creflo Dollar ( I need a new jet). Maybe some of these so called men of faith should be concerned about praise and worship and caring for their flock then their attire.

  6. Love your Pastor on said:

    Did any body say anything about the ladies come from clubs on Saturday night and have there shorts dress and leggings on. Remember you come Church hear the Words not judge what the Pastor have on.

  7. Its really sad and disheartening how people can complain about the smallest things because their lives are not in order. In today’s world, people are more happier when they’re unhappy…For God Sakes, let the man live and be who he is… Nothing wrong with wearing jeans and being comfortable with class. Many of y’all need to see iyanla and get yo life fixed!

  8. There are Pastors who are known sexual deviants and thieves and are supported 100% by their congregation, but wearing jeans is an issue???

  9. Good Lord, of all of the things we could debate, we’re sounding off about wearing jeans to church – I’m sure that God would love us equally no matter what we wear – I’ve seen some ladies (hmm – “women”) come to church in what they wore the night before to da club. We have too many other serious issues within the church to debate about jeans – what about buying million dollar airplanes, big mansions, expensive cars, messing with young boys and young girls, being sex addicts, using drugs – I could go on & on – so if the Bishop wants to wear jeans – he should go right ahead!

  10. My word, folks talk noise if a pastor wear suits, folks complain if a pastor wear jeans. Give it a rest. As long as the clothes are neat and not showing the tail and everything else, I have no problem with it just as long as he/she is giving the word of the bible and teaching. I am sure Pastor Jakes does not do this every Sunday but it ok if it does sometimes. If God is not complaining about it, who cares what us little sinners think.

    • IT seems to be a fad, all the big mega churches see their Pastors wearing blue jeans and shirts that look like they just come out of a laundry basket. So, why did suits go by the wayside, they don’t have to look like their teeny boppers to get people into church !

  11. David Davis on said:

    He’s just in denial about his age, but so what. I’m more concerned about these “pimp pastors” that will sell their souls and congregations to Donald Trump for a few pieces of silver. Beware of these race traitors.

  12. specialt757 on said:

    For the first time I think EVER, I agree with ALL the previous posters. While I have worn jeans (not ripped or torn, but that’s just me) to church on dress down/casual days, I don’t make it a habit. At the church I attend you are liable to see any kind of dress “appropriate” or not. After they’ve been there a while, their attitudes seems to change and dress a little more tasteful, but that’s for them to decide. (Okay hold up, some up righteous or “holy” roller may have gotten to them lol).
    I believe that’s what’s wrong with church, not everyone is there to seek God, and people have different reasons for attending. God should always be the focus, unfortunately, He’s not.

  13. I attend a church that could care less about your appearance. It welcomes everyone to worship. We have a lot of teens in our congregation for this reason. The Pastor dresses down every once in awhile and it is accepted because he is very approachable and active in the community. We have traditional members that always dress in their Sunday Best clothes, most are elderly.

  14. kisha clark on said:

    leave the pastors alone this could attract your bad disrespectful young adults who has no respect for you or themselves for that matter. what you wear is not the word focus on the word of Jesus Christ

    • I agree. And if JEANS is the focus, then those people are not there for the right reasons. As long as his jeans are wore respectfully, I see no problem.

  15. Timekeeeper on said:

    All previous comments are accurate and on point. Historically, there was a time when people wore their so called “Sunday Best” One of the main reasons for that is it was the only day most people of color got to wear our shirts & ties. Rarely did we have jobs during the week that allowed us to do so. Those days are long gone and so should the attitudes that come with it. While I personally wpould not come to church wearing just anything ( I just don’t roll like that) those with the zoot suits and fancy hats should never look down upon anyone who might dress differently.

    • I agree just as long as people are not coming in looking like hookers and everything else and that is just having respect for one self. but jeans I see no problem if some folks want to do it. People who go church under tents do this all the time.

  16. Vanessa on said:

    This is the main reason so many people are turned off by going to church. Those church folks that spend time judging folks for their appearance instead of thanking God they are trying to serve. I don’t mess with those folks and I serve God in my own way and fashion. Jakes looks good in the jeans and I hope it catches on. What happened to “Come as you are?”

    I great up in a Catholic church where you could wear jeans, shorts and T-shirts to church. We attended church to be uplifted, not for a fashion show.
    My church had a “come however you are” attitude. I think that’s the best attitude to have when you’re talking about church.

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