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BishopT.D. Jakes is certainly a man of Christ, but he has little patience for those who criticize his clothing choices. When Jakes posted an Instagram photo recently of his church attire when going to visit his son-in-law and daughter’s church, One Church L.A., some folks had a problem with the ripped jeans Jakes wore.


Some commenters found the jeans age-inappropriate, others felt they didn’t show enough respect for the church.

One poster was a little more open to the outfit, but wondered what message Jakes’ look sent.

I mean the bible doesn’t give us direct counsel on exactly what we should wear to our bible meetings but think about this… We dress way better for job interviews and this kind of look would be considered unprofessional, so wouldn’t we always want to display our best for God? Just a thought. Not judging. Everybody has the right to make their decisions on dress.

Still others though Jakes looked just fine:

“You can’t expect the bishop to wear robes & suits everyday!!! Cmon grow up! Bishop Jakes looks great… His fit is very age appropriate & classy. Do it for the vine sir!!!

“God doesn’t care what you wear He is more concerned about our soul and heart. He loves you no matter what. If Bishop Jakes wants to wear jeans let him if God doesn’t like that’s between Him and God and doesn’t concern anyone else. As long as his heart is right with the Lord what is the point in arguing.”

Eventually, Jakes responded to his critics with this post:

“I certainly want to comply with the word,” he posted in his Instagram comments. “I just missed the one about jeans in the pulpit.”

“When all else fails send everybody to hell who disagrees with you about blue jeans! Smh.

“I just can’t believe this has been debated by two or three antagonist all night! You don’t have the right to dress me! You do have the right not to like it. I probably might not like something u wear. That’s fine! If we just mind our own business, the whole world would be better!”

“I wish we had this much passion for the murders in Chicago, or those who are suffering in our cities. When I make post about helping the needy I don’t hear from many of you at all. You all seem to know what Jesus would wear but have no interest in what He would do! @art_vsz While you debate my jeans, tell em where you stand on women wearing make up, or female pastors. This kind of legalism is why so many frown on people of faith! In a word, get out of my closet and help the people in your cities! The homeless don’t care what any of us wear. Those suffering w cancer and disease don’t either. But you’ve spent your time arguing about something that is irrelevant! Most of the antagonist don’t even follow me anyway! Go back to your world and DO GOOD FOR GOD!”

Do you agree with Bishop Jakes…or his critics?

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