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4-year-old Bryan Allen, Jr. was found with his dead mother Shaleena Hamilton, 43, two days after her death. She died of natural causes. He reportedly survived on milk and maple syrup.

Bryan was discovered after a concerned Rent-a-Center employee stopped by their home after Bryan told an employee over the phone that his mom wouldn’t wake up.

WKBW reports:

When Taijuan Littleton, a father of three, arrived at the Delavan Avenue apartment, he could see the little boy inside wearing only a diaper with his mother collapsed on the floor.

“I realized right there it was not good,” said Littleton.

Using his fatherly skills, while employees at the Rent-A-Center store kept the boy on the phone, Littleton was able to get the boy to open the door. “I wrapped him up in a cover and took him outside to my van because it was very cold that day, just to get him out of the house,” added Littleton.

Now Buffalo Police are trying to make sure the little boy has a wonderful Christmas. The department started by purchasing a bicycle for the child, but it was soon joined by gifts from many police officers, friends and community members.

People are still turning in gifts at police precincts around Buffalo. Buffalo Police said they will make sure all the donations get to the family, with items they cannot use being donated to other needy families.

During a morning presentation, the gifts were given to relatives and driver Taijuan Littleton thanked for his efforts to go and check on the boy.

“Thank God he was smart enough to realize that something was wrong and he pursued it, saw her there (mother on the floor) and called us,” said Lt. Steve Nichols, community officer for the Buffalo Police Department.

Since the story was reported, the Buffalo police has been inundated with Christmas gifts for the Bryan.

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13 thoughts on “Rent-A-Center Employee Finds 4-Year-Old Boy At Home Alone With Dead Mother

  1. Omg!tears flowing like a river right now. I’m crying for the baby lost of his mother. And the Joy, God, placed in the heart of a sales person to come see about him. I pray a family member takes him in. What a good God, we serve, he said he’d never leave us Comfortless! And that baby sitting there with his deceased mother. May she RIP. God’s got your baby covered in his blood. God bless this child and family. Lord, when you think you have it bad, just take another look around you, someone else is worse than you.

  2. maxine gates on said:

    Thank God she rented furniture, and could’t pay obviously, forcing RentACenter to come by. God’s blessings and thank God, the child knew something was wrong.

  3. Cried while reading this story – wondering why relatives hadn’t made some kind of contact with the family – but God is so good – thanking Him for sending this child an agel

  4. Bernadette on said:

    Wow! that is something to be so alone that no one noticed. Thank God for sending good people when they are needed. I hope there is a family member who will be able to care for him. Wow, dead of natural causes at 43 that’s something may she RIP!

  5. God has definitely shined on this little boy, and he will grow up and do something EXTRA-ORDINARY with his life, and his circumstances. Especially with loosing his mother at such a young age….To be so young, at 4, will he even remember his mother? I pray that God continues to shine on this child, and allow him to have a life of success, despite challenges and obstacles, but be able to strive and reach the ultimate of his footsteps; already in motion. Let the church say….AMEN!

  6. specialt757 on said:

    Awe wow, I don’t know whether to cry or smile. This tragic story turned out good, somewhat. Thank goodness this young man was the one who found and bought this little boy to safety. It could have turned out even more tragic had the wrong person found him. Thank God for good people who do the right things. I’m praying this baby will have a happy future despite his current situation.

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