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The head of the Church of God in Christ (COGIC) is firing back against one of his pastors who is accusing him of being gay, getting thousands of dollars in kickbacks and being a pedophile.

The conflict between Bishop Charles Blake and one of his Pastors, Earl Carter, started after Blake responded to Carter’s attack on gay people during the church’s annual meeting, the Holy Convocation, last year. In his response, Blake apologized profusely on behalf of the church. In Carter’s eyes, Blake’s action came off as like he “threw him under the bus.”

Since then, Carter went in on Blake, accusing him of various sins such as molesting underage boys in Africa, receiving kickbacks from hotels of $60 per room during conventions, and having sex with an openly gay Harvard professor who is now dead, according to the Daily Mail.

Carter went on to claim that Blake, who serves as president of the Pan African Children’s Fund, went to South Africa “because little boys are accessible and you can’t go to jail. They won’t charge you.”

As a result of Carter’s actions, Blake recently filed court papers in an effort to defend himself against the allegations. In addition to suing Carter for $75,000, Blake is looking to end Carter’s crusade against him.

“Mr. Carter’s goals are to destroy Bishop Blake’s stellar reputation, interfere with his relationship with Church of God in Christ, Inc. and drive visitors to Mr. Carter’s websites where he seeks to illegally profit off of Bishop Blake’s good name,” the papers stated as Blake detailed his reasons for filing suit.

In Blake’s eyes, he felt compelled to sue Carter after the accusations continued to pile up and cause him and his family “immeasurable” pain.

“Bishop Blake refrained for several weeks from taking action against Mr. Carter hoping that Mr. Carter would have a change of heart and would, on his own, retract his false and defamatory accusations and apologize for the harm he has caused his family,” said Blake.

“Mr. Carter has not done that and, instead, has escalated the nature of his false accusations, such that they are now extremely inflammatory and reckless.”

To see  Carter speak on Blake, check out the video below:

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8 thoughts on “COGIC Head Denies Pastor’s Gay And A Pedophile Accusations [VIDEO]

  1. It doesn’t take much to be a spiritual leader. They just need the gift of gab and convince people to follow them. Some are truly called into the ministry and some just went! Not saying that this is his story but we have all seen it before in every denomination.

  2. TheTruth on said:

    I am not COGIC, however I do not believe a word this Carter guy is stating. I don’t blame Bishop Blake for suing him, if he didn’t sue people would say it must be true. Continue to walk with God Bishop Blake, he will deal with Carter.

  3. Beeg1966 on said:

    Why sue him? Let the Lord handle him, for him to be suing him, make me think some of these things might be true. But I don’t understand standing for wrong and Gay is wrong. The Bible said we got to love everyone, we don’t have to condone their actions. Just saying, another Kirk Franklin maybe…

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