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New Hampshire man has been arrested for making false bomb threats and a string of robberies over a number of years, CBS Boston reports.

Ronald Szettella, 43, was arrested on Wednesday after police connected him to a bomb threat in Pelham Elementary School in September 2013, two robberies at a local convenience stores nearly a year apart and a recent robbery at a Dunkin Donuts where he donned a mask of President Barack Obama.

Szettella was charged with two counts of armed robbery and one count of criminal threatening.

His armed robberies have reportedly kept the Pelham Police Department’s Criminal Bureau “busy for the past three years,” the department told CBS Boston.

Surveillance cameras caught Szettella at the Dunkin’ Donuts on Lowell Road Tuesday around 8 p.m. He was wearing the mask with black gloves, a black Adidas sweatshirt, armed with a black gun. Police said he took off in a vehicle without a license plate.

After searching his home, police found the BB gun connected to the armed robberies. The Obama mask was not found. Szettella will face a judge Thursday. He is also expected to face more charges for two additional robberies.



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5 thoughts on “Police Arrest New Hampshire Man Who Wore Obama Masks During Armed Robbery

  1. JHUF-what was so great about Nixon, Reagan or little or Big Bush? I was too young when JFK was president-but he was no Saint either as we all now know!!!!!!!!!

    Clinton-well we all know what his greatest accomplishment in the WH was–getting a knob job from Monica Lewinsky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Either way-you still don’t DISRESPECT the President!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Well Nixon brought an end to Vietnam war thus ending a Draft that was sending many of our young black men to that war.
      Reagan got our hostages out of Iran took helm and steered the country out of Jimmy Carters economic disaster
      I agree with respecting the President you should have reminded those who disrespected the previous administration that they’re opening the door for such practice

  2. Oh come –on!! so the news story here isn’t that he made bomb threats or that he pulled armed robberies, it’s that he did the crimes using a mask of “O’Great one” Nixon, Clinton, Reagan, Bush, JFK have all had perps commit crimes using masks of their likeness
    He eluded capture so it served its purpose

  3. Halloween was back in October–what is with these stupid azz White folks–if it’s not Blackface, then it’s a dam Obama mask!!!!!!!!!

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