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The library was open on Tuesday’s broadcast of “The Late Late Show,” with Taraji P. Henson and host James Corden in an all out read fest against each other.

As part of a sketch that had them both auditioning for the role of Cookie Lyon on “Empire,” things got heated when Corden thought he could intimidate Taraji in the waiting room before the tryout.

“You a bit scared of a little competition?” he asked her. “Coming in here half-ass, your dollar store jeans and discount hoops? Fake ass shoes, cheap Chanel belt?”

Taraji went off.

“I raised Benjamin Button, bitch! Where is your Oscar nomination?” she said. “You think anybody saw you in ‘Into the Woods?’ All anybody ever saw was Meryl Streep, Johnny Depp and the trees. Were you a tree? Huh? Was that you?”

Taraji went on for a good minute, clowning everything from his “raggedy dress” and “fake fur” to his “Winnie the Pooh” body. She reduced him to tears.
After all of that, Corden decided he was better off trying to intimidate Bryshere Gray for the role of Hakeem.

Watch the funny below:

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(Photo/Video Source: James Corden YouTube)