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Tina Knowles Lawson insinuated she was a little less than flawless in a photo she posted to Instagram on Tuesday.

And she used the famous line from her daughter Beyoncé’s song “Flawless” to explain what happened to her hair since the day before.

“’I woke up like this.’ My curls from yesterday are replaced with frizz! Yikes,” Lawson captioned the selfie.

Her makeup-free look was unexpected but championed by her followers.

“Momma Tina with the no makeup selfie… black don’t crack baby lol,” wrote one fan. Another echoed, “Do what you feel @MsTinaLawson ‘age ain’t nothing but a number!’ Natural beauty.”

This was Mrs. Tina with a fresh set of curls, sans humidity.

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(Photo Source: Tina Knowles Lawson Instagram)