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Bravo knows the prefect dramatic recipe to ensure a rise in ratings for its hit “Real Housewives” franchise: create an event, give it a theme, add a ton of free booze, and most importantly, be certain one of the ladies is feeling a certain way about something someone else said – and let’s fight about it!

This week’s episode of “Real Housewives of Atlanta” saw the ladies come together for a “Bachelorette” boat party, where Kenya Moore exchanged words with Shamea Morton, (a pal of Porsha Williams), over some unsavory comments she made during Moore’s hair care launch party. Always the instigator that Kenya – and never one to resist stirring up drama – when Shamea didn’t back down to Kenya’s reprimand, the former pageant girl threatened to have Morton kicked off the boat.

Meanwhile, Cynthia Bailey attempted to calm Moore down, and as she did, Porsha made a catty comment about Bailey being Moore’s “best friend.” Bailey responded by telling her that they should all question some of the people they call “best friend” in their group. From there, Williams said, “Who b—h?” and all hell quickly broke loose, as Madame Noire notes.

Since the new season began a few weeks ago, viewers have had a front row seat to Cynthia’s martial woes with husband Peter Thomas, who stands accused of cheating on Bailey with a woman he’s seen caressing and being affectionate toward in a video that was released online. Peter has denied any romantic involvement with the mystery woman. Still, it’s understandable that Bailey was quite possibly under stress during taping of the episode, and Williams may have been a little too carefree in the moment.

Check out the clip below to watch the insults fly and the tension intensify until the camera cuts to black just as the ladies get physical. Seriously, and this was triggered over the word “bi*ch,” which Porsha innocently pleads is her go to term of endearment. Perhaps she should read a dictionary and expand her vocabulary, could help lead to less fights in the future….just sayin’.

This writer doesn’t believe you have the right to claim grown woman status if you cater to conversations about the proper way one should address you as ‘bi*ch.’

Really, if Porsha felt she had nothing to apologize for, she should have walked away or never stepped to Cynthia in the first place. If the producers didn’t stage the altercation, then it’s quite sad that these grown women have opted to argue with each other for a living, and the network is making most of the profit. SMH.

After the episode aired, Porsha tweeted, “I hate to be taken to that place with someone I try to support… I try ????”


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16 thoughts on “Porsha Williams, Cynthia Bailey ‘RHOA’ Fight, Time to Retire B-word? [WATCH]

  1. If it wasn’t for emails, I w/not know anything abt RHOA…I’m so thankful that I quit watching all of these classless women act like idiots for s fat check, they all are so Sad & Pathetic….Kim Fields I suggest you’d better “Run Forrest Run” before your status as a conservative classy distance gets tainted…….pitiful show

  2. Porscha is messy. She has no class. Look at how she constantly is exposing herself. Girl have get some self worth and learn how to be an intelligent Black woman who doesn’t have to use her body to get what she wants. Why do woman find it acceptable to call each other the “B” word. It can never be used to show affection.

  3. I am sick to death of Porsha. Her ex saw her for what she really was and dropped her a**. What happened to all of her religiosity. Just because she dragged Kenya across the floor doesn’t make her gangsta.

  4. All this drama is made for TV! Please get a life and give back to the community or motherhood besides a party or get together! None of them have any more going on than any of us making comments! Porsha need a “D” try celibacy and allow God to send you the man and keep it respectful rather than run after a man that appears to care less about you! But this is made for TV. Porsha what happened to the funeral business? Cynthia don’t allow money to drive a wedge between you and Peter, hopefully you two have more going on or income than just the show! I don’t even see why Kim Fields is on the show besides a check! We all know Sharee needs a check to finish the house but once it is finished what funds will pay for the utilities, landscaping, and monthly bills? You are way over your head trying to keep up with the Jones’! I say start over Bravo and find some true Atlanta Housewives making a difference in our community!

    • To Timekeeper: Those actions that we saw had nothing to do w/those few bad apples being STRONG. That was some foolishness. I don’t condone anyone calling each other the ‘B’ word; but, in my opinion, Cynthia is frustrated/pissed off/tired of Peter and took all of that out on Porsha instead of directing it at the real target: Peter. Granted, Porsha can act a little ‘ditzy’ and brand new at times, but she did nothing to warrant Cynthia’s wrath on that day. What we saw playing out on this show is not indicative or representative of ALL Black women. All Black women don’t act like this. This is the exception, NOT the rule!

  5. Duggerl on said:

    Why did Porsha ask Cynthia, “Are you going through something???” Well, I thought that was the WHOLE reason as to why they were even on the boat and having a “chill” day!!! Because she and Peter had been having marital issues, the boat party was thrown! DUH!!!! At that particular moment in time, Porsha was NOT saying the “B” word in an affectionate way. She can try to play it off all she wants; but not buying it.

    • Khmboo on said:

      I don’t watch, but that clip was on point for some laughter while working, lol. But why didn’t Porsha go and have a seat? Need more clips…

  6. Cris W. on said:

    Let me see if I got this straight. Cynthia did not have a problem with Porsha calling her the b-word – multiple times – but she had a problem with the one time Porsha prefaced it with ‘whateva’?!? The word ‘WHATEVA’ is what set Cynthia off?! Seriously?!?!

  7. It was supposed to be a nice quiet day on a yacht and then you have this drama.

    Maybe Cynthia was under stress due to her marital situation or she just didn’t wish to be referred to as a b–ch that day.

    I can’t wait for the continuation of this episode to see how this all plays out.

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