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Negative feedback from her “Dear Fat People” video apparently hasn’t slowed down Nicole Arbour, who is back on the scene with her controversial new clip “Dear Black People.”

Some are suggesting it should be banned. However edgy it is, we wouldn’t go that far.

Topics ranging from the usage of the n-word in hip-hop songs and cultural appropriation to chosen stereotypes were highlighted by the Canadian YouTube star, who remixed the Notorious B.I.G.’s hit “Juicy” to kick off the six-minute video. Even Drake took a hit as Arbour labeled the rapper’s use of the n-word in his music a “stretch.”

“I’m not trying to appropriate and steal, I just really f***ing like it!” Arbour says.

As the video continued, Arbour brings in black YouTube star Latoya Forever for “insurance purposes” while giving a white person’s view on various hot topics and claiming black things as “cooler.”

“What the KKK do and have done in the history of the world, is completely f***ed up and not okay,” a rambling Arbour stated in the clip.

“However, they are proof that the white people invented the hoodie.”

Like the “Dear Fat People” video, Arbour’s latest clip has gone viral with it getting more than 450,000 hits on YouTube. Despite this, the reaction to “Dear Black People” has been intense, with heated viewers dropping comments that referred to Arbour as “the definition of a dumb blonde” and “a bigot in disguise.”

Scroll below to see Arbour’s “Dear Black People” video. Beware. The clip contains graphic content:

(Photo Source: YouTube Screenshot)