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Dang, we really hate to see this. It’s messy and it’s just not a good look.

What’s happening is that brothers Charlie Wilson and Ronnie Wilson are battling it out over exactly WHO is The Gap Band. Or more precisely, who can make money off the name.

The situation has gotten to the point that Ronnie filed a lawsuit claiming Charlie is derailing his efforts to launch a comeback tour.

In the docs, obtained by TMZ, Ronnie says he recently booked 2 big gigs — one at B.B. King Blues Club & Grill in NYC, and another at Howard Theatere in Washington, D.C.

Ronnie says after he sealed the deals, Charlie — who left the band in 2009 — had his people step in and somehow interfere with the bookings. Ronnie says both venues pulled the plug.

The elder Wilson points out his band existed for years before kid bro Charlie joined in ’72.

According to Ronnie, he says his new Gap Band stood to make more than $20k from the 2 gigs. Specifically, he’s suing for damages and wants the court to block Charlie from interfering with future bookings.

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11 thoughts on “Gap Band Family Feud! Ronnie Wilson Sues Charlie Wilson

  1. Kathrine Rene Donaldson Killian on said:

    Brothers remember the love u guys started with the songs don’t let the devil defeat u guys gifts plus we as people want more of you guys music

  2. John Phillips on said:

    The lead singer is always the face of the group/band, Charlie is well within his rights to take the stance that he did,the way he did.

  3. Sandra Maria Cristina de Souza on said:

    Acho que deveriam por as diferenças de lado ,e se unirem novamente ! Vão ganhar muito dinheiro.E ainda fazer a felicidade dos seus velhos e novos fãs.

  4. Stephen Kidd on said:

    Y’all are brothers regardless don’t let the money and fame separate you because in the end you’ll see and have to answer to God!!!there isn’t money there

  5. Jalen on said:

    I think of all three of the brothers!! I was gifted with their monster performances when they first gained fame and over the years in several cities!!! Although Charlie emerged as the premier talent, there was nothing like seeing these guys – as a group – up close and personal!!


    Ronnie was and is still a member of this group and he should be allowed to re-emerge to give folks the option to see his group. Ultimately, it would be better if the brothers performed as one group but as usual, there almost always seems to be a problem with groups getting along and/or forgetting how they became famous in the first place!!

  6. RENO2AC on said:

    So what the band existed well before the kid brother joined! “Uncle Charlie,” you have one of the best comeback stories of all times. You’ve made millions on the last few years. Come on…!

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