Sean Kingston is in very hot water with an Los Angeles jeweler after refusing to pay the full amount of $225,000 for a watch that he feels isn’t worth that much.

The Jamaican singer has filed a police report claiming that he was kidnapped during a jewelry exchange on Tuesday evening.

According to TMZ:

He bought the watch from a jeweler and made payments to the tune of $185k, but didn’t pay the balance because he felt the watch wasn’t worth any more. The jeweler begged to differ and they had a number of arguments. Sean told cops he and the jeweler met Tuesday at 1:50 AM at a downtown L.A. parking lot, to make a trade … he’d give the watch back and the jeweler would give him a watch worth a solid $185k.

However, things did not go as planned. The jeweler allegedly snatched the watch from Sean and refused to give him the less expensive one. Sean told police he was locked in a car and taken to a secluded area where he was thrown out of the vehicle.

Juelz Santana added his two cents to the situation, raising questions as to whether or not Sean is being truthful. This isn’t the first time he has had a run-in with a jeweler. Earlier this year, Avi Da Jeweler sued Sean for $356,000 after he failed to make payments on a number of items.

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