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It got downright ugly at a Donald Trump rally Saturday (11-21-15) in Alabama.

A black man – representing the #BlackLivesMatter movement – attempting to protest at the rally,  was tackled, punched and kicked by a group of Trump supporters as he shouted “Black lives matter” during the Republican presidential candidate’s speech at the Birmingham Jefferson Convention Complex.

While it was happening, Trump exclaimed “Get him the hell out of here!” as attendees cheered him on. The group of attackers was white.

Video of the attack show several people participated in the attack. Police confirmed that no arrests were made and that a total of three people were asked to leave the rally. A Trump staffer who refused to be identified, defended the removal of the protester in a comment to the Montgomery Advertiser.

“The guy was being disruptive,” the staffer said. “He was doing the Black Lives Matter thing and saying other phrases that were really firing up the crowd around him. He was throwing his hands around almost punching.”

No arrests were made and the protester reportedly did not require medical attention.

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23 thoughts on “Black Lives Matter Protestor Attacked At Donald Trump Rally In Alabama [WATCH]

  1. Kevyn T on said:

    More blacks are aborted than any other race each year i dont see black lives matters protesting that. Over 300 dead so far in Chicago i don’t see the fake movement.

  2. Donna Woodley on said:

    This is why Iam not voting for him. A President represent all races of people. Freedom of Speech is important. Violence is not the answer.

  3. You jigs doth protest too much! He wasn’t attacked— he was thrown out by security as an unruly guest at a private affair. It was Trump’s rally not a time for some fool to hijack an event! Sanders should have done the same thing!

    • specialt757 on said:

      Okay let’s be clear, “…was tackled, punched and kicked by a group of Trump supporters as he shouted “Black lives matter” What part of that suggest he was escorted out by the security, (that may have come later)?
      I don’t know what a “jig” is. I suppose it’s some ignorant ass adjective that whites made it and call blacks and now some stupid blacks have adopted it. But please know if you’re not calling me a black or AA, intelligent, beautiful woman, or anything else positive, don’t speak about me at all.

  4. Timekeeeper on said:

    Hi October. Glad to hear from you. I believe we do have outrage when black on black violence occurs, it just doesn’t get the same type of coverage. Your point is well taken though and we should do as much as we can, even more. That having been said I think it muddies the waters when we try blending these 2 issues together. Both are horrific, but we still need to call racism, bigotry and police brutality out even while we are fighting the wars within those communities where the violence you speak of takes place.

  5. October 1 on said:

    Timekeeper. I understand that we as AA’s don’t have anything anyway but it is difficult to rant and rave when a white person murders an AA but say nothing when we murder each other. Shouldn’t there be the same outrage in both cases?

    • It’s really not an accident that we treat each other in the manner that we do. It’s by design over decades, in fact centuries. Divide and conquer. Allow a select few to be successful while disparaging all the rest. We should be up in arms, but anytime a select few are prosperous and the vast majority are not, whites can point to the impoverished and say that they are just lazy and don’t want to do anything. That simply is not true, they just aren’t going to allow for a multitude of AA’s to achieve any level of success. And they bottle up the AA’s that are successful and keep them close to them. That is why they marry white most of the time.

      • specialt757 on said:

        Umm I’m gonna have to disagree with that logic. The opportunities are available, you just have to want it and take advantage. Not really sure why blacks marry whites or vice versa but that ship has sailed and there’s nothing anyone can do about it. (I have more thoughts on that but that’s neither here nor there). Blacks are in a very good position but some just refuse to remove themselves from their current predicament. I don’t feel bad for us who don’t achieve higher and blame it on our circumstances. If you want better, do better. What you’re implying is just a cop out.

  6. Timekeeeper on said:

    Had this been a group of African Americans beating up a white man, they would all be locked up by now. Racism has become emboldened by the actions of Donald Trump and his messaging. Obviously there are those who think this is okay, as it appeals to their sense of privilege and anxiety. On the other hand, there is a tremendous amount of work that is trying to get done in those communities where black on black violence still occurs but that doesn’t make this okay. And it most certainly doesn’t mean people of color want it both ways. Shucks, they can’t even get one way. .This is all part of their “let’s take America back” mantra they have been spewing for the past several years. An arrest should have been made, but the police actually feel the same way as Trump’s audience. They weren’t there as policemen, but rather as cheering spectators.

    • Yes a few weeks back BAW had a video of a group of blacks attacking two white guys because of the flag on his truck if caught they should be arrested, as for take back America that mantra was started by Democrats during the Bush admin. I think Hilary or Nancy Pelosi

    • specialt757 on said:

      Black lives matter to me and others blacks I know. It takes more than one group of people to be proactive, ALL people need to be active, that includes you and me.

      • Timekeeeper on said:

        Right againn special. While on the surface that statement may appear to have some truth, by and large it is now being used to try and squash people of color from protesting against established racism.

  7. specialt757 on said:

    Obama’s audience members didn’t attack any protestors either. I agree with freedom of speech but I disagree with people being disruptive just for the sake of being disruptive. If there is legitimate reason to protest then that’s fine, peaceful protests are fine. I would feel this way no matter who or what campaign was going on. If these were audience members who attacked this gentlemen, then yes, why weren’t they arrested? Guarantee if it were reversed (white man being attacked by black men) these guys would be in jail right now.
    If this is Donald’s attitude (cavalier) about this incident, then he would to make a terrible president. The president is for ALL people not just the ones he likes and that support him. God help us all if he gets into office.

    • Timekeeeper on said:

      cavalier is a perfect description to define Trump’s attitude. While I can understand him not wanted to be interrupted, his accepting this violence as an answer speak to as you say an absolutely horrible president.

  8. What happened to “freedom of speech?”

    Donald Trump is very “ignorant and racist!” If he were to become President, he would have this racist country in a war with his narrow-minded racist views! If it wasn’t for Trump’s I’ll-gotten wealth, no one would give him the time of the day! In fact,take away white America’s money and guns, they would not be able to survive!

  9. I’ve seen BLM disrupt college study’s. business’s. All the Democrat campaigner’s, it’s about time those disrespectful thugs came up against someone who wont put up with their sh!t. I have not problem with protesting but like Obama replied during and outburst at one of his speech’s “don’t disrespect my house”

    • MMMM UKMs UKMMMM on said:

      And why were no arrests made when there were witnesses to his assault?
      I have never heard of ‘almost punching’ before!

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