There is something pretty fulfilling about being able to impact your financial footprint on your household by being able to repurpose your household waste into beauty and health products. Not only do you feel like a genius after discovering it, you feel good about saving money! Well, using your coffee grounds are just one way you can do this.

If your household is pouring up cups of coffee like the neighborhood Starbucks, then this is a great way to put that money spent to double use. Just take the used grounds and use them in the shower. You’re going to give your body a serious scrub down! The exfoliation properties of the coffee are amazing, and let’s not even mention how every cellulite fighting product swears by caffeine.

The skincare benefits are endless and you can literally use it from head to toe.


This coffee bean scrubdown is packed with antioxidants, great for fighting aging brought on by heat, sun, pollution, and free radicals. The antioxidants and flavonoids are released from the coffee beans when they are brewed, so it’s perfect for a shower scrub.

Hair Protector 

Your hair and scalp deserve this treat as well! Combine your grounds with some conditioner and you’ve just created yourself a great hair mask. Coffee beans used in a hair mask will help to protect your hair from future hair damage and breakage, while boosting the color and adding lots of shine!

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