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When Oprah talks, people listen.

And her endorsement can change the way people look at you.

Unless your last name is Kardashian.

People love to hate on this family because their talent only seems to lie in the fact that they wanted to be famous. And recent comments by comedian Rebel Wilson to Australian radio hosts Kyle and Jackie O only added fuel to a fire that’s been burning for a long time.

Nobody has any respect for the Khardashians.

Except Oprah.

Wilson refused to present an award at the MTV VMAs this past summer because she didn’t want to be onstage with Kylie and Kendall Jenner. She says she is “against everything they stand for,” and that, in her view, they’re “not famous for talent.”

But Lady O was quick to respond to the shade Wilson through at the clan when asked by those same Aussie hosts.

“I interviewed the Kardashians two years ago,” she said to Kyle and Jackie O. “And I couldn’t believe how hard they work,” she added.

Winfrey had done a 2012 interview with the Kardashians and sang their praises after spending 7-hours taping her show with them, only to learn they were going to tape 7 more hours of their reality show, on the same day.

Is it any surprise to anyone that these people ‘work hard’ because they still love being famous…not to mention they kind of enjoy the money?

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13 thoughts on “Oprah Slams Notion That The Kardashians Have No Talent

  1. Christiansbereal on said:

    Yes, Booth, why is that? What do the Kardashians have that Oprah wants a piece of? I agree with all of you who say, “Talent, what? Not!!!” They work hard at filming a ‘supposed’ reality show? If it’s real, then it isn’t work, and they are not the one’s actually doing any work in filming the show. If Oprah had a daughter who was doing or had done the same kinds of things to become famous, would she be praising her daughter? I think not! Every time you turn around they are doing something skanky to get in the news, even down to Bruce Jenner going through the nonsense that he has gone through. She wouldn’t sacrifice her ‘heart’ for fame, but she sacrificed everything else for fame. Wow, I agree you all, how could Oprah endorse such shenanigans???

    And Vet Mom, I love it!!!! lol

  2. Ok ok ok……did this chick say “I cant sacrifice my heart for a publicity stunt”??? HUH…further lets me know Oprah is crazy. You cant sacrifice your heart but you sacrificed your body and an intimate situation with someone for fame. WOW!! No talent at all. The lies….my main concern is the girls who idolize them..sickens me.

  3. johns0110 on said:

    Oh wow really…I thought Oprah stood for being intelligent, educated, and for being empowering not making yourself feel that others are beneath you. Well I guess I stand corrected..taping for an audience to watch your show is called hard work. How about she talk about doing things that means something positive in the world and does not involve fashion, make-up, tummy tucks, nose work, lip work…SMH at Oprah…makes me give her the side eye.

  4. I will be glad when the media quit kissing up to the Madam and her prostitutes. Real mothers need to stop their daughters from watching them. Whenever there’s a blog do not click on it.

  5. RENO2AC, Vet Mom and Add on, you’re absolutely right. I have never respected Oprah, and I don’t care what she say about the Madam and her prostitutes! They are Talentless! Kudos to The Comedian who Finally refuse to stup to the Kartrashians level!!!!

  6. When I read this on another site I burst into laughter and thought about as much as Mrs Obama praises Beyonce I bet neither of her gorgeous “intelligent” girls with “educated” parents grows up to be an illiterate gyrating sexed up pop tart! So to Oprah I say NICE TRY…..hahahahaha

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