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What the hell was she thinking?

Or put another way, giving your husband permission to cheat is not the brightest idea.

We’re referring to Lil Wayne’s ex, Toya Wright and her estranged husband, Mickey “Memphitz” Wright who are (surprise, surprise) having marriage issues.

If you haven’t heard, Toya gives Memphitz eight days per year to do whatever he pleases, no questions asked. We guess she thought it was a good idea, but sadly and predictably it wasn’t. You’re no doubt wondering what the hell was she thinking? Well, we just may get to the bottom of this very messy situation tonight during the debut episode of “Untying The Knot” which airs at 10pm on Bravo.

According to Madame Noire, Toya came across some very suspicious photos of half-dressed women on a $10,000 camera she bought her husband when he claimed he wanted to get into photography.

Thus far, all he’s gotten into is bed with other women for a photo shoot he describes as some sort of creepy Peeping Tom fantasy.

You can get a preview of the situation in the clip below. We bet that after you watch it, you’ll be shaking your head wondering why Toya, why?!

Oh, one more thing you’ll find of interest. He’s the only one in the relationship who’s allowed to cheat.


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12 thoughts on “What?! Toya Wright Let Memphitz Cheat 8 Times A Year [WATCH]

  1. I think that Toya is hoping and praying that some other weak woman will come along and take him away. It would be the best thing that could happen in their unhealthy marriage.

    I think the hall pass is a smart move, if this is the only way that she can get him out of her life.

    I also think that there is much more to their story. I feel that Toya is crying for help and nobody is listening. I think she is in over her head with this vicious man.

    I watched his body language and responses. He is a very wounded, and troubled soul.

  2. I watched that crap (first and only time) and will not be watching again. First, these folks clearly do not know what to do with their money. All of material (over priced) stuff purchased greatly devalued within the less than 6 years they were married. Either he’s that stupid or some jeweler ripped him off big time. $180,000 rings worth $46,000 and $150,000 watch collection worth $36,000. I might not have it on the money but I’m not far off. Yep, my mom was right; a fool and his money will soon part.

  3. RENO2AC on said:

    Need to be beat with a Stupid Stick. And, to add insult to injury, you have a reality show about the disintegration of your marriage?! HUHN?

  4. MacBen on said:

    Pffft…like he needs her permission. These chicks are so desperate and afraid that the Kardashians or some Becky will take their men that they’ll put up with anything!

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