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Raven has managed to go from one of our favorite young stars to an insufferable TV personality who continues to make completely outrageous statements. Even her own father has stated that she often says some really dumb things!

Most recently, she served a one-two punch of ignorance when she said she wouldn’t hire someone with a ghetto name. However, her lack of sympathy for the victim (if not outright victim blaming) in the Spring Valley police assault really took the cake. That was all the one woman from London identified as Che Scott-Heron needed to start a petition on to get her kicked off of the show.

“Raven-Symone has been spouting her ignorant and self hating spiel on the view for Long enough,” Scott-Heron wrote in the petition. “African Americans and black people around the diaspora need a voice representative of their views and not a voice representative of what white people want us to say. We need strong black rolemodels in prominent positions on television and Raven-Symone cannot provide that.”

So many people are down for the cause to get Raven off of the show that the petition has collected more than 126,000 signatures in just four days. Unfortunately, ABC doesn’t seem to care, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The network issued a statement supporting their most controversial host. “We love Raven. She is confident, genuine and opinionated, all qualities that make her a great addition to the panel.”

Well, there you have it. Raven ain’t going nowhere, so expect to hear more of her ridiculous, often offensive opinions.

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41 thoughts on “ABC Stands By Raven-Symoné Despite Petition To Kick Her Off ‘The View’

  1. Hmmmmmm, it seems a lot of people say they will not watch The View, because of Raven, but you somehow hang on her every word. She keeps us all talking and that adds up to ratings. She is not going anywhere. People wait and pounce on everything she says. If you don’t like her, change the channel. Some of the things she says are things we are thinking but don’t say. So I say keep em talking Raven.

  2. Stop Sprint on said:

    126,000 comment on this,
    What about petitions to 300,000 elderly, low income, schools, non profit, losing internet. Sprint is shuting down service 11/6/15
    Let’s get some signatures on #STOP SPRINT

  3. Linwood Smith on said:

    Just like all of our other Black stars, when the white media grow tired or the they stop making the network money they will be dismissed. Then they want to be Black again or cry racism. Stay tuned!

  4. pac4me on said:

    Look – we all know that The View has certainly seen it’s better days, ratings are down and ABC is willing to allow this foolish young woman try and help their cause. It’s a losing battle and only time will tell what effect Raven has had on The View – we tend to teach people how to treat us and Raven has learned that she’s okay, saying & doing what she does. And by the way, I don’t care what that young girl was doing or not doing in school – nothing and I mean nothing, gave that policeman the right to manhandle her like he did; she was actually thrown across the room and even in the heat of the moment, he could have handled that better!!!

  5. Autumn on said:

    It’s all good with ABC as long as Raven is spewing derogatory statements about Black people but without a doubt if she caused an uproar in the White community putting them down her dumb a** would be fired with the quickness.

  6. I don’t watch the view anymore. It was boring before and now with raven (the negro name) on there. I really cannot watch. I truley believe she thinks she is white ,white looking or something. Well sugar, I have a suprise for you. YOU LOOK BLACK and all that crazy mess you wear does not help matters.

  7. ABC needed a baffon to stir up controversy, make idiotic statesments. They found the perfect person for that role. Raven is uneducated, has no idea of who she is and no concept of life. She did earn a lot of money, but it’s not a substitute for common sense.

  8. I too have stopped watching the view. I don’t mind a little controversy, but she’s out right disrespectful. I used to be a fan of her, but I can’t stand to see her now.

  9. Stop watching the view….we don’t have to subject ourselves to her ignorance. If ABC loves her so much then let them be the only ones watching her.

    • Virginia on said:

      I DON’T watch the view anymore, but I DO watch the news. And, some days I cannot turn on the TV without seeing her goofy face spouting some ignorant Nonsense. You CANNOT get away from her. THAT is why ABC wants to keep her. Nobody is watching the show but the bigots who believe what she believes, and the knowledge that whatever she says no matter how SIMPLE, will end up on network and cable news. The pundits mostly white right wingers, can’t WAIT to hear her say something they WISH they could say on the air. She is harmful to cause of BLM and other movements that are fighting for justice, fairness and respect for black people.

      She needs to be Off the air.

  10. Annette on said:

    Everyone by now should know when celeb’s are falling off with their careers they will get on any camera that will have them and spout the most insane words that will draw them some attention. When that work they’re ready to keep it up so they can stay in the lime light. Raven and Stacy needs a reality check unfortunately neither will seek the help they need for fear of not being on television again. Pray for them both for they are truly lost.

  11. johns0110 on said:

    I honestly didn’t know African American people what the “View”. I think all day time talk shows are a waste of people’s time. We as an African Americans need to work on building our communities and leave the Caucasian and all other races back. We need to get back what they have denied us and build our own cities, schools, banks and industries. Stop looking to them for anything once they see the power of the African American ethnicity they will stop doing the crap they are doing. Let build as a team and stop building their empires…there is so much greatness in us. Each one reach one and build our communities!!!

    • Like someone said about Raven, “the same things she sit up there and degrade, she is the “poster child” of it”. She does not like black names, YET she has a black name. She does not like “ghetto” YET the look she sport is what goes on in some parts of the ghetto (And for the record, NOT all people in the ghetto wears differ color hair and act stupid. There are many good folks in the ghetto and can work better than some folks in suburbs. A HOUSE in a certain community does NOT make a person, CHARACTER makes a person).

      • One more thing, the ONLY thing I did agree with Rave was the student/cop incident. The cop was very wrong is suppose to be a professional and should have handle the situation better than what he did; HOWEVER, I am NOT going to let that student feel that she was all innocent in this event either. She know what kind of rules that teacher had and how they teacher was and she should have followed the rules. Even if she had to make a phone call, ask to go to the bathroom-which a student can not be denied of doing, and use your phone.

  12. Raven can say whatever she wants but I and all of us do NOT have to listen to her. I do not she has to be fired (if Rush Limburg, Sean Hannity, Bill Oreilly, etc can stay on the air, so can she even if I do not agree with her); however, what alot of these “black/African American” host better realize is that a day is coming when the VIEW will let you go and you will have to go somewhere else and mainstream will not want you. Then where will you run to? the black audience/black community. Sorry but then you will be viewed as a outcast. Look around, there are many who are no longer getting the black audience because they dissed them and mainstream has move from them.

  13. Virginia. Thomas on said:

    I’ll not be looking. The View is not a good Television show. And your girl Raven just made it Worse. And I’ll sure that your show will not have the Numbers you use to have.

  14. Ginna Lee on said:

    So basicly if she doesn’t agree she should be kicked off the show? She is entitled to own thoughts and feelings. If people put as much effort into stopping black on black crime as they do wrighting to the news station there would be less black on black crime.

    • Easy said than done. When it comes to putting someone on tv, that can be controlled by our $$$$; however, trying to control criminal activity in the STREETS that happen to involve crime within race is not that easy.

    • Sample, Todd on said:

      What does black on black crime have to do with Raven Symone? Why is that even your comment? You’re she is entitled to her opinion but your comment about people being more instrumental in black on black crime is not the issue. What are you doing about it?

      • thank you sample. many of those kinds of blacks want to tell other blacks to focus on black on black crime YET they are doing nothing about it either while those blacks who are trying to do something are called “race baiters”, pimping the black community, etc.

    • Virginia on said:

      Black on black crime is a systemic problem brought on by the Lack of economic opportunity. AND, Raven Symone has made herself PART of the problem by announcing to the WORLd that she would not hire somebody with a “black sounding” name. HOW is that helping the economically distressed people in disadvantaged neighborhoods? Most of the people who take to crime can’t find legitimate jobs.
      People who don’t Help the situation are part of the problem and should at least be made to pay a price for their ignorance. Right wingers who want an EXCUSE NOT to hire a black person LOVE negroes like Symone.

      Sure, she can say an D@#m thing she wants to say, but she shouldn’t get paid for it with MY advertising dollars.

      Time for a boycott of The View’s advertisers.

    • straightnochaser on said:

      We can ‘stomp on Black n Black ‘ crime until the cows come home. That is not going to stop public perception of Blacks in the media until we learn how to respect one another PERIOD. Raven Sy-don’t-know-who-or-what-she-wants-to-be,’ along with Stacy Dash-of-Brains over at fox, Ben Coonson, and the rest of these tired and shameless negroes who sell themselves out by acting out in public (reality television, talk shows) and saying the most vile and ignorant statements DO NOT represent us well in any way, and they are a problem. The media is a powerful method of shaping societal views and opinions, including the emphasis on ‘black-on-black crime. Incidentally, why isn’t anyone discussing white-on-white crime?

  15. Ms Curly on said:

    Let’s face it this is the most action that the view has seen in the last 2 or 3 years so they are gonna keep her. The show is has seen its best days.

  16. Mzbrowneyes on said:

    The energy that is being to get Raven and Don fired over comments is ridiculous. The remedy is to stop supporting if you do not agree. I suggest take more energy to speak with the community about black on black crimes. The networks will never take what blacks think seriously if you are not addressing the issues in your own community and cleaning your own house up.

  17. Monica on said:

    Raven is that house Negro they need to keep us divided as a culture… They just sit back and watch us tear each other down.

    • it's my opinion on said:

      Exactly! and she is a good one too…Oooo…they just love her… Oh yes! Raven…Insult the first lady..not a problem..Though, her presence alone in the white house represents so much for our young ladies. Oh yeah, and while you at it, lay all the responsible on the child’s shoulder, not the office. Oh no, he attended police training to learn how to shoot period. School officials (the administrator, or the teacher,) demonstrated not one PROFESSIONAL TACTIC to try and help resolve this issue.
      And, per Raven, the only recourse the officer had was to treat her like a dog on the street…And, even they get better treatment…Let’s not forget Katrina (New Orleans)

  18. Sylvia on said:

    As long as she continues to show self hatred she’ll be fine. Wonder what will happen if she makes those types of remark toward whites?

  19. Khmboo on said:

    Maybe she feels as though if she’s controversial, she will have more longevity in this business. She’s seems as though she is always the first to run with her opinions, especially when it comes to her own race, in which she denounced on Oprah. She wants to be known as an American, not black or gay, which she is both, and now, without a girlfriend. Anywho Raven, Ms. Symone you should learn that not all of Black America shares your views along with Stacy Dash, who is on a controversial show. How do these commentators get their jobs if they don’t have the education behind them? Wonder if it’s the things that come out of their mouths.

  20. Williams, Ada on said:

    It is to bad. The View/ABC is supporting a person that is full of trash. As long is that sack of trash is on the View I will never watch the View again.

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