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No one outside of the couple knows what Alabama sports reporter Natalie Pierre Williams and her husband Chasten Leigh Williams were arguing about but whatever it was may have led Natalie, 26, to drive off the road.

When her husband realized no one was hurt in the minor car accident, he says he walked away, given their argument. But what happened next was much worse than the initial accident. According to the NY Daily News, Alabama authorities now believe Natalie deliberately set her the car on fire with her inside.

The NY Daily News reports: 

Surveillance video from a nearby convenience store shows Williams buying a gallon of gasoline, a two-gallon gas container and a wand-style lighter moments before the fire was discovered.

The melted items were found in or around her vehicle after the fiery wreck, authorities said.

Police say Williams caused the blaze herself and authorities will not be pursuing any criminal charges.

Neither she or her husband were hurt in the initial small crash, which caused minor front-end damage.

It’s still unclear what caused Williams to steer away from the road, police said.

“We still don’t know exactly what prompted her actions that night but it appears there were a lot of emotions involved and sometimes actions and decisions are not responsible during those type moments,” Police Capt. Gregg Rector

Williams last month was placed on a ventilator while in critical condition, according to a GoFundMe page.

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50 thoughts on “Alabama Reporter Sets Her Car, Self On Fire After Fight With Husband

  1. JazzDancer on said:

    The husband is lucky that he wasn’t the one doze with gasoline and set on fire. She is obviously a head case and he needs to stay away from her.

  2. Jacquelynn4 on said:

    For the way she’s ruined herself on so many levels, she’ll probably wish she had succeeded in killing herself. The linked article said that she was burned on 75% of her body. We’ll never know what the argument was about, but if it was about a breakup, her husband surely won’t want her now.

  3. The husband is the lucky one, now he knows her mental capacity, she could have waited for him to go to sleep, and sleep, and set him on fire…………..

  4. TimothySMalone on said:

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  5. Shidddd, I wish I had been leaving from the grocery store making my food stamp Run. High as my damn light bill is….; had I seen her ass burning up, idda’ threw a skillet on that car put some grease in the pan, did me some shrimp fried rice and fried chicken and went straight home to watch Empire. Idda did a cook-out on her ass, all that free fire

  6. All I wanna know is….what type of car, are they 255 75R 18’s, and are the tires still good,….cus’ a brother over here rolling on Goodyear MayPops…. Them mofo’s “may pop” at any time. So can summa’ body please tell me where the car is. If she wanna burn up, that’s on her….

  7. Kourtney on said:

    I pray that she makes a full recovery from her wounds and her distress. The lord is not done with her yet. She is definitely going to have a long road of recovery from all the emotional and psychological issues that she will have to face after coming out of this. We don’t know the full story and I am never one to judge because none of us are perfect. The gofundme page I do not see as necessary. Money is not going to solve the problem here. She needs much needed counseling and support to help her make it. Again my prayers go out to this well educated black woman on a new journey of life.

    • Got me thinking about songs by the Temptations, “Fire Fly”, Kool and the Gang, “Too Hot”, RIck James and Tina Marie, “Fire and Desire”, The Ohio Players, “Fire”. ANd it makes me just think of my favorite singing group, Earth, Wind and Fire. Just thinking out loud!

  8. specialt757 on said:

    “IF she survives, she’ll have all kind of physical scars & problems to go along with her mental issues” Which in itself will no doubt add to her mental instability…having to live with what she did to herself.

  9. I heard of people being tormented and in despair after a break up, but to set yourself o fire? I wonder if her husband is supporting her and trying to get her some help. Not sure what I would do if my husband set himself on fire after an argument.

  10. paulagirl on said:

    masters degree does not mean you are not c r a z y..she probably loose her job they have a morale clause..she know she need to get mental health treatment ..

    • Timothy Green on said:

      The study I read stated approximately 50% of the POPULATION AS A WHOLE have undiagnosed mental issues, that encompassed all colors & genders & included mental issues from minor to serious … so please dont try to make it sound like a “black woman” thing

      • True Timothy; however, we in the black community as a whole still have a “tabo” about going to mental doctors compare to others. Some folks will tell you quick, “I am not going to some quack”.

  11. specialt757 on said:

    Wow! I don’t get it, but then again I do. She was filled with emotions, her and her husband are breaking up. I’ve been there (well not with my husband but an ex), but killing myself was not an option. I think she wanted him to feel bad that she would think of hurting herself and he would take her back. No matter how much education someone has, it doesn’t always equate to being “wise”.

    TK I hear you tho, if the shoe was on the other foot, like the guy who killed his wife and family, we would tear into his a$$. But at least in this case she was the only person she hurt and no children were involved. But I know “double standard” right? lol

    • Ms Curly on said:

      I guess we all have had our heart broken one way or another. I know I’m a bit crazy but hurting myself is never an option. I agree mental illness has absolutely nothing to do with how book smart a person is. I hope she recovers and gets the help that she needs.

    • it's my opinion on said:

      No she doesn’t. She looks as if she could be the girl next door. And, that’s what’s scary. I hate that she did that to herself, but I’m glad she wasn’t in a public setting, or at work…cause she definitely, could have caused some other innocence person harm due to her mental health…

  12. Timekeeeper on said:

    No charges were filed, seriously?? Had this been the other way around you know this man would be under the jail by now.

    • Timothy Green on said:

      You want them to charge the chick thats laid up in the hospital on her deathbed??? … typically in situations like this theyll hold off pressing charges because of all the stuff she’s going through, if she lives they always have the option to charge her later, they have at least a 5yr statue of limitations on offenses like the ones she could possibly be charged with

  13. Khmboo on said:

    This is an educated woman, who premeditated the demise of she and here husband? He was just smart enough to walk away, and apparently she took it to another level. You can’t let emotions cloud your judgment, especially when you are already behind the wheel of a weapon. Thank God no one else on the road was travelling in the same direction as the couple. Now that would have been tragic! So why is there a gofundme page? Are we really at this level in our society where we are pan handling from the internet? There are social programs that are in place for these type of situations, this is where a social worker gets involved, cause her husband has…WALKED AWAY! I’m sure the ink on the divorce papers haven’t dried, and a lawsuit with her #tryingtogetawaywithmurder is looming around the corner. Once again, educated, talented, employed, benefits…doesn’t mean you are sane!

  14. Timothy Green on said:

    A “gofundme” page for someone that tried to commit suicide .. GET THE F**K OUTTA HERE .. this woman allowed emotion to overcome logic & this is the outcome, if her marriage wasn’t working out then move on with your life, take a leave of absence from work to recover & get your mind back right then move on … trying to kill yourself does what?!?!

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