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Roland Martin talks to writer Goldie Taylor about Ebony Magazine’s November issue featuring the possible dismantling of the legacy of The Cosby Show. The controversial cover was met with harsh criticism when released on social media.


“The central question is, have those allegations begun to impeach the legacy of The Cosby Show? Do we still hold it in sort of the same esteem and regard? Do we still watch?”

On the separation of Heathcliff Huxtable vs. Bill Cosby:

“It was a purposeful intertwining of Bill Cosby on air…he played out their values in real life.”

Should black media be responsible for sharing negative black stories?

“When we’ve got a publication like Ebony and Essence magazine, we aren’t here just to celebrate black lives, but we’re here to offer a critical analysis of it.”

Click the link above to hear the entire interview.




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21 thoughts on “Goldie Taylor: ‘We Aren’t Here Just To Celebrate Black Lives, We’re Here To Offer A Critical Analysis’

  1. gwen jackson on said:

    When this thing with cosby started there was not one case that they could bring to trial. Well guess what, we got one very convenient. If these things did happed why did it take these women so long to come forward. I thnk this is a bunch of bull****. I

  2. straightnochaser on said:

    Goldie is full of shit. Everyone knows that Ebony has hit the skids with declining readership over the years. It was just a year or two ago that they sold off a huge archive of historical photos valued over 40 million dollars. If that’s not telling, then I don’t know what is. She can try and sell the ‘critical analysis’ bullshit all she wants, but she knows what the deal is.

  3. While you are at it Goldie, conduct a “critical analysis” on Uptown Saturday Night, A Piece of the Action, and lets not forget Ghost Dad. Fat Albert the cartoon may even need to be looked at twice.


    • specialt757 on said:

      I guess we should see it for what it is EBONY magazine is on life support and need a controversy to bring it back to life. In their minds, any publicity is good publicity…it’s got people talking.

    • it's my opinion on said:

      and what was that? The fact that he let them use their own brains and moral compass ( or should we say, lack therefore) as GROWN WOMEN, to decide whether or not they wanted to agree to sleep w/ a KNOWN married man for whatever reason.

  5. KeepingItReal on said:

    “Critical analysis” my a$$. We all know “Ebony” magazine is NO LONGER black owned and the white owners are telling these black puppets to help facilitate the lynching of Mr. Bill Cosby. Where is the “critical analysis” of the HISTORY of white women falsely claiming black men of rape…resulting in black men lynched and black towns destroyed?? Where’s the “critical analysis” of the personal lives of these (mostly) white accusers who are nothing but common street walkers and self-admitted drug addicts? There’s no “critical analysis”…just your typical C00NING. The black community see you for EXACTLY what you are…a traitor and a stepnfetchit negro.

    • specialt757 on said:

      WOW and DAMN! I couldn’t have said it any better. However and unfortunately, not all blacks feel this sentiment, they are part of the black man’s lynching mob.

      • it's my opinion on said:

        and if you listen to the audio interview w/Roland and Goldie (including Tom) we as black folks are so ignorant, and dumb and lack the ability to think, therefore we can’t distinguish the difference from a character on a TV show and real life…Thank God! Roland kind of challenged her and Tom on that.
        My support for Bill Cosby is based on what’s right…not because he played what they called “America’s Dad”…I was a fan of “Good Times”..”The Jefferson”.. I liked the Cosby show but I didn’t idolize it. I had a working father, who has been on his job for over 35years (believe it or not) and he is still there.

        And to think she sought the advice of Eric Micheal Dyson of all people. And, we all know how he feels about Bill Cosby. Now, I like Mr. Dyson but what objectivity could he possibly bring, for a person he can’t stand, and went as far as to write a book about him. I’m furious.

  6. “…..but we’re here to offer a critical analysis of it.”
    Really? Where is the critical analysis of Obama ignoring the black community (seriously, what has he done?), black on black crime, the abortions of mostly black babies, black unemployment on democratic leaders’ watch?

    • What does President Obama have to do with Bill Cosby’s mess? Heathcliff Huxtible is a character that many Black people already knew, it was White America that was unaware that Black people lived like that. Bill Cosby is one individual that used his notoriety to get over on women, but you must know that he did not force anyone to be in his presence. These women were groupies should should have known the rules of the star game. When you go to a man’s room or home, alone you set yourself up for what happens. The President is not the President of Black people but of all the people. Black people are always looking for something just for them, how about availing yourself to those avenues that are already in place for advancement instead of sitting under a tree or a corner during the WORK DAY talking about nothing. The President has been a great example of preparing YOURSELF for the opportunity you want. If you are unprepared don’t blame anyone nut YOURSELF!

      • straightnochaser on said:

        Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!! Black people also have a responsibility in helping to heal and build our community. These same negroes hollering ‘Barack not doing anything for Black folks’ are the same ones who probably don’t even know who represents the wards where they live, know anything about who runs their local government, and probably don’t vote because they believe ‘they gon’ do what they want to do anyway.’ So tired of Black folks thinking this one man is supposed to somehow make them do what needs to be done in order to move ahead. Even if he could, too many aren’t even prepared to take on the opportunities available.

    • hey chrissy…make no mistake about it..There are a lot of white women having abortions! What are you doing about white on white crime?? You take off those white colored glasses you may see reality for once!

    • Why does Obama have to be responsible for our lives . I don’t understand when they say Obama hasn’t done anything for the black people. Do for your own self always wanting a handout of some sort . I’m black and I haven’t expected Obama to do a dam thing for me. If he had been able to implement his policies things would have been better for everyone . Get a fucking life.

  7. bs goldie…you did the article to get your next big gig! So when someone is critical of your work, why do you block them on Twitter???

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