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Have you seen Ebony’s November cover?


Chile! Okay, I’m dying to see what kind of commentary they’ve got going on in the latest issue. This month, the magazine is putting a special focus on the state of the Black family with features discussing: reproductive rights, blended families with Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker as well as how parents can connect with their LGBT children.

However, it’s the cover story that’s got everyone talking. Entitled, “Cliff-Hanger: Can ‘The Cosby Show’ Survive? Should It?”, an excerpt of the story by Journalist Goldie Taylor is on Ebony’s new an improved website offering an in-depth look at the ruined image of one of America’s most beloved TV characters. In the piece, Taylor explores what the fall of Bill Cosby means for the morale of Black America.

I’ll definitely be reading. Will you?

Our sisters at ESSENCE are serving up just as much fierceness these days. Not only did they publish a remarkable feature profiling the Black women working in the Obama administration, but they’ve just announced that they’re taking ESSENCE Fest to Durban, South Africa!

Today, ESSENCE President Michelle Ebanks and eThekwini Mayor James Nxumalo announced their three-year partnership at Durban City Hall. The famous ESSENCE Festival will be held in Durban for 2016 and 2017.

“We are delighted to partner with the vibrant city of Durban to launch the Essence Festival globally in South Africa,” Ebanks said about the new initiative. “Hosting our first international ESSENCE Festival in Durban purposefully extends our mission to convene the diaspora around shared aspirations.”

It is so exciting to see Black publications pushing the envelope like this. I don’t know about you, but I’m saving for my plane ticket today!

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44 thoughts on “Ebony Slams ‘The Cosby Show’ In Its Latest Issue [PHOTO]

  1. Brenda Wilson on said:

    J P Morgan Chase owns a part of Ebony magazine, so what more can you expect from people who continues to try to discredit our abilities as Black people. It is amazing to me that Whites wait and run to buy Black own business but try to present a picture that we are not educated enough, or intelligent to run and own anything. The Cosby show has not been tarred and feathered by all in the Black community since we do not look to actors or actresses to define us as Black people. Ebony can keep their magazine just like I drop Essence magazine if Whites wanted let them advertise to Whites to buy it. Black people watch were your money is being spent.

  2. Church Girl on said:

    These comments are something else! So many people still support him even after the release of his deposition. Some of you are even going so far to compare him to a white man. So what if a serial rapist is black or white!! Just because he didn’t rape you or your loved one, he shouldn’t still have your blind support. He needs professional help. He had a good black woman at home and chose to sleep with every white woman he could find. He destroyed his own legacy, not the public.

  3. KeepingItReal on said:

    “Ebony” magazine is now owned and ran by white racist ped0philes. Enough of this lynching. Mr. Bill Cosby is 100% INNOCENT. The white racist ped0phile media hasn’t taken a page out of H1tler’s book on PROPAGANDA, which states: Keep repeating the lie until people believe it. Never defend the lie…just repeat it. The repetition of the lie works into people’s SUBCONSCIOUS mind. This media lynching has been going on for nearly a year straight. This is unheard of. Meanwhile, dyke a$$ Jew Gloria Alred is paying off every drug addicted pr0stitute she can find to help facilitate the lynching of this black man. With all these “news stories on Mr. Bill Cosby”…why are there no “news stories” investigating the personal lives of these drug addicted street walkers??? Mr. Bill Cosby is 100% INNOCENT!!!

    • Church Girl on said:

      Ummmm what planet have you been living on?? Cosby’s own admission of buying drugs to give to them all while married isn’t enough for you? Smh

      • KeepingItREal on said:

        The real question is what planet do you live on?? The deposition merely stated Mr. Bill Cosby OFFERED…and the woman…ACCEPTED a Quaalude. So fugging what? Men offer women alcohol and drugs before engaging in sex. Consensual sex (if they actually had sex) is NOT rape. These women just have s1uts remorse. Some are admitted drug users and common streetwalkers. If he had an affair outside his marriage…that’s between HIM and HIS WIFE. Either way…consensual sex is NOT rape so stop with the lynching.
        P.S. Dyke a$$ Gloria Alred…when talking about “women’s rights”…she need to teach women how to keep their legs closed and not try to sleep their way to the top of their career.

  4. Cosby should know that we are judged more harshly than whites. He hurt white women, so they are going to keep coming for him until the day he dies. If it where black on black crime, the story probably would have ended by now.

    • KeepingItReal on said:

      White women were “hurt” when he refused to leave his black wife for their ugly, no talent a$$es. You can’t put this on Mr. Bill Cosby. That’s like saying black people should have figured out a way to evade sla^ery. White racist pedophiles snatched black people up BY FORCE and ensla^ed them. White people don’t need to be credible…or need proof to lynch this good man. All they need is a ROPE. Mr. Bill Cosby is 100% INNOCENT. The mere fact that white women have a HISTORY of falsely accusing black men of rape should make EVERY BLACK PERSON question these lies. And, please…don’t say there’s a black woman or two in the accusers. They threw those bedwenches in there to give the ILLUSION of it being non-racial.

  5. I think the author was trying to make a point that the rape allegations have destroyed the legacy of the Cosby show. However, it does seem a little harsh to have the shattered glass over the faces of all of the cast members. I think Mr. Cosby probably did engage in some really inappropriate behavior, but I also think the level of absolute hatred directed toward him is over the top. What about Woody Allen? Married his girlfriend’s adopted daughter; a child he helped to raise. There is occasional outrage expressed, but it always seems to go away after a few days. This creep totally wears a Teflon suit! He remains the darling of Hollywood. The A- listers just can’t wait to act in his movies. Why does he get a pass? Just sayin’……

    • Kick em’ when they are down. Right on Ebony. Bill Cosby has helped your magazine make probably a hundred million dollars or more since his career started. How many times has he appeared on the cover of Johnson publications magazines? How many times has he been interviewed by your magazine? And finally how many doors did he open for Johnson publications that it could not open on its own? He and he alone could have spent the $40,000,000.00 to purchase the Ebony photo collection to preserve a proud time in our Black American history. As I write this, I wonder just how many times he has dug down deep in his pockets to the struggle for Black Civil and voter rights. How quickly we forget. Shame on you.

      • KeepingItReal on said:

        Mr. Bill Cosby has done a lot of good for black people. There’s a video online that he did about Black history…titled “Lost, Stolen or Strayed”…something like that. Mr. Bill Cosby and his lovely wife gave MILLIONS to HBCUs and promoted HBCUs to the point where black kids thought it was “cool to go to college. I’m not mad at Mr. Bill Cosby for his “pound cake speech”,,,because in light of all he has done for black people…I feel he did it out of love for his own race of people. Meanwhile…white people not only say nasty things about ALL black people…but murder, rape and lynch us…yet blacks seem to have no “hatred” for white people. The psychology of the ensla^ed negro mind…smh

  6. I think Ebony is very wrong. Nobody except
    Mr Cosby is being accused of these sexual crimes, so I think this cover is so wrong. The
    rest of the cast should sue Ebony. The show
    was good.

  7. specialt757 on said:

    There have been many allegations that “big foot” exist, more than 50 people have claim to have seen him/it, but why doesn’t the world believe he exist?
    There have been more than 50 people who’ve said they’ve seen aliens from another planet, why doesn’t the world believe aliens exist?
    Just because someone says or has an allegation doesn’t make their claim true, produce facts aka evidence.

    • News flash: did you read about Cosby’s deposition where he admitted to getting drugs to give to women he wanted to have sex with? That coupled with the claims by so many different women that he slipped the drugs into their drinks without their knowledge ( including Beverly Johnson) is enough evidence that he had a thing for sexual encounter with women who were debilitated and incapable of consenting to sex.

  8. People really!! They are actors!!!!!!! Never let man be your example!! You don’t know what goes on in their homes or lives! Let Jesus be the example!! I never looked up to anyone other than my parents, and I modeled my life after them. Real life not an image of tv life. Lady T agree with you, the cover is very tasteless and judgmental.

    • I didn’t think of him as an example to follow but I did really enjoy the show and appreciated the fact that it portrayed a black family in a positive light. But I and many can’t enjoy or appreciate the show anymore. Agree or disagree, the legacy of the show is ruined and that’s the point of the cover.

      • Robert Jones on said:

        I am wondering how you all can enjoy the legend and his work for all these years and because of what someone says many years later after everybody has enjoyed their life and now everything He has done is destroyed? OK you have lived my life and I have lived mine I’m 63 and you are 53 but you said last week that I raped you when you was 15 so all the work that I have done up until last week that everybody enjoyed and benefited from just didn’t happen?

  9. I am proud of Ebony for going there. I grew up watching Good Times and I loved and I still do but when the Cosby Show came out it was refreshing and I fell in love with it. We would always talk about it the next day of school during the first season and I kept coming back for more every season. My kids bought me season one for Mother’s day a while back. Now Cosby has broken a little piece of my heart because I can’t even stand to see his face long enough to make it through even one episode of my childhood favorite. He has single handedly ruined it. If he raped even only one woman by drugging her without her knowledge then that’s one too many and he is disgusting. Based on the number of allegations he has to be guilty of rape period, regardless of how many victims vs opportunists.

  10. specialt757 on said:

    Kate I agree, #1 he stepped on a lot of toes, because the shoe fit and #2, no one and I mean no one is digging into the background of these women, they could start with a 15 y.o. being at the playboy mansion. Also that tack head Janice Dickens, she is a total hot mess, no doubt she would screw a dog for money.

  11. Damned! This is worse than the owner of the ho house where Lamar Odom was found near death, capitalizing off the publicity, by making money off men willing to pay stupid amounts of money to screw the hos that serviced Lamar Odom. We all know why so many blacks turned on Mr. Cosby. He dared to speak his mind on the condition of modern day blacks. That’s all it took. The love of money is the root of all evil. This relic of a mag should be ashamed for trying to make money off the misery of a man who is living the last season of his life in total and complete hell.

    • And another thing. I wonder if we would be so quick to condemn Mr. Cosby, if we dug into the backgrounds of women who have come forward fifty years after the alleged abuses, just as publicity surrounding the abuses became widespread, just on their say so?

    • it's my opinion on said:

      I agree totally times 10…It’s freaking sickening and pathetic…basically telling “white” america we lack the ability to be creative and individual thinkers, in order to be appealing to all races…No, we need a topic that is hated mostly by the powers that be in “white” America so we (black community media) to fit in with white America. The love and respect of their “OWN” community just isn’t good enough.

  12. specialt757 on said:

    I get why white people want to destroy him, I just don’t get why black people want to destroy him and his legacy. If these “allegations” are true, they are no more than what white people have done and gotten away with for years. But black people don’t stop patronizing them and schools don’t revoke their honorary degrees either.

    • Timekeeeper on said:

      Hi Special. That question you ask is bigger and wider in scope that a lot of us realize. In so many other areas of life, social, political and otherwise, we are the only ethnic group that literally bites each other’s heads off on so many important issues. White all have, and should have differences of opinions it is a shame that we feel the need to throw somebody under the bus, at times are at such odds while others sit back and laugh at our dissension towards each other.

      • specialt757 on said:

        TK it’s very disheartening. Whether you believe the allegations are true or not, this man is a human being and has a family and so are and do the other cast members. This is really shameful.

  13. Timekeeeper on said:

    Another point that is not lost on me either. Growing up all I saw on TV was father knows best, My three sons, courtship of eddies father, Brady Bunch and so on and so on. Ins hort it was all about white fathers and how noble they were. Who knew in reality they were all just a bunch of “Mad Men”! Then along came the Cosby show and he ( and they) became the no. 1 father of all time!!!
    That as a very hard pill fo them to swallow. So, there is a part of me that says they want to destroy that legacy. . Regardless of Bill Cosby’s troubles that doesn’t change the fact that that show changed the entire landscape of Television and the way America started seeing people of color. For Ebony of all forms of media to buy into that is as low as it can get.
    I wants a huge Cosby show watchr but I am historically aware of the impact they had on all of us.

    • Timekeeeper on said:

      correction. I was not a huge Cosby show watcher back in the day but I am historically aware of it’s impact on all of us.

    • @timekeeeper, I agree with you totally you hit it, right on the head. Those shows My family watched, brady bunch etc. I was upper middle class family the working family that lived in Detroit. My mother monitored what we could watch on TV, I’m from the Old school bring up!. My mother told Iam not your friend I’m your mother. then the Cosby show came, it really change the game in Primetime TV. My mom was happy to see a black family that we could relate too. but for ebony to even stoop this low. WOW! I’m really disappointed in them. Will not be reading ebony or buying mag, anymore. Grow up Ebony and stop and think about why your doing this? It makes me question who actually owns ebony Did they sell out to some WHITE JEWISH PUNK!! or some GERMAN company they hate blacks or anything to do with people of color?

  14. Ms Curly on said:

    No matter Mr Cosby did or did not do my opinion is that it is wrong for the media and other news outlets to crucify him and the other actors on the show. This was one of the greatest shows of my life time and that will not change for me. All of the black colleges and black magazines now want to destroy him and his legacy.

  15. Miss UK on said:

    I agree also.
    The Cosby Show was excellent in showing a functioning, loving, hardworking black family.
    Just like ‘A Different World’ showing studious, black students, they were positive and ground breaking shows.
    So just because on actor, ‘allegedly’ has been accused of inappropriate behaviour, why should that that discredit an entire body of excellent work.
    I like @ Timekeepers phrase ‘Ebony is a day late & a dollar short’ . I get the irony, but I feel that it is wholly inappropriate as we have not suddenly found out that really Dr Cliff Huxtable was beating Claire, and that was a sub plot – it is the real life actor’s conduct in question.
    – They are confusing the characters with reality, giving a misleading and confused message.
    Sloppy journalism.

  16. JGolden on said:

    That’s right, Black People (Ebony), kick the black man while he’s already done for the count. And drag other black folks, who are totally innocent in the matter, down with him, SMH.

  17. specialt757 on said:

    Now that I’ve given this some thought, this could be a form of “punishment” for the other cast members because they won’t speak out against Dr. Cosby. Everyone (original cast) interviewed, has not said anything disparaging against him. The media is the devil so I don’t put anything past them.

  18. specialt757 on said:

    “I’ll definitely be reading. Will you?”
    NOT ON YOUR LIFE Ms. John!!! Ebony is totally tasteless and tacky. What does this show have to do with anything going on now? As others have stated the other cast members don’t deserve any of this backlash. If Ebony puts this out, I will NEVER buy another issue (I haven’t in years anyway) but this will definitely seal the deal.

    • I will be reading the article to see if the headline is saying is true or not. If it is true, shame on you Ebony. If it is true I will not be renewing my subscription. Ebony, if you are slamming this show, this is just what the white folks want to hear. This was a TV show showing white folks that two black professional parents with 5 children are just like them.

  19. The show was great, it was a legacy. He is just but one part of a great show. He is not the first celebrity to do wrong an won’t be the last, people are not perfect. The show was good the crew was phenomenal. If they bash it my support is over

    • Timekeeeper on said:

      I am in total agreement with you. Tasteless is an understatement. Ebony is simply a day late & a dollar short in trying to take advantage of all the publicity surrounding Mr. Cosby

    • I agree very tasteless cover. People are so quick to slam Bill Cosby and his show but they aren’t thinking about the other cast members who may also be suffering from the backlash. No I will not be reading it…shame on you ebony

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