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The case of Bobbi Kristina Brown has been treated as a criminal investigation since she was found face down and unresponsive in the bathtub of her Atlanta-area home on Jan. 31.

At the center of the investigation is her ex-boyfriend, Nick Gordon, who has been accused of giving his late girlfriend a “toxic cocktail” that left her “unconscious” and ultimately led to her July 26 death at the age of 22.

Back in June, Bedilia Hargrove, a court-appointed representative of Bobbi Kristina, filed a lawsuit against Gordon, demanding at least $40 million in punitive damages on allegations including “assault, battery, intentional infliction of emotional distress and conversion.”

Nick says if Bobbi Kristina’s family continue to accuse him being a murderer, they will make it impossible for him to get a fair trial if he’s criminally prosecuted, so he’s filed legal docs asking the judge to stop the $40 million wrongful death lawsuit the Browns filed against him until the criminal process is over.

Gordon’s issue with the lawsuit is simple, as TMZ reports, he says he has a right to remain silent, and the civil case would force him to answer questions that could be used against him if criminal charges are filed.

According to court documents obtained by Us Weekly, the 25-year-old’s legal team argues “as a result of Bobbi Kristin Brown’s parentage, her death, and the subsequent criminal investigation has garnered national and international media attention adverse to Mr. Gordon” and that “Mr. Gordon will be unfairly, legally, and financially prejudiced should he be subject to parallel criminal and civil proceedings.”

Gordon’s team states that Hargrove’s lawsuit alleges that “Mr. Gordon is a murderer, a habitual batterer of women, a seducer of young white females, a thief and/or con-man fueled by monetary gain, and a chemist capable of making a toxic cocktail,” and that “these allegations within this suit, while lacking any supporting facts whatsoever, are designed to appeal emotionally and with racial animus against Mr. Gordon.”

As previously reported, the district attorney in Georgia has allegedly convened a secret grand jury with the intention of charging Gordon with murder in the death of Bobbi Kristina.

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