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A Facebook user who goes by the name of Geris Hilton posted a photo with a Black child, allegedly the son of his co-worker, then he and his friends decided to make racist “jokes” at the child’s expense.

Since the photo has gone viral, one of the commenters, Emily Irene Red, has allegedly been fired.

The child has been identified by his mother Sydney as Cayden Jace. She took to her Facebook page to express her gratitude for all of the support she has received.


Baron O’Malley, another one of the racists who commented, left a public post on his page for “Dark Twitter”:

Baron O’Malley

October 1 at 10:56pm ·

 Dear Dark Twitter:

These malicious allegations that are being brought against me are completely and incontrovertibly untrue. Despite what you may have been led to believe, I can honestly assure all of you that I dindu nuffin.Sincerely, Barón

The hashtag #HisNameIsCayden is starting to gain traction on Twitter as more people become aware of this bigotry.

Racists are being put on notice that long gone are the days that they than spew their ugliness and get away with it.


Photo of White Man, Friends Posting Racist Comments About Black Co-Worker’s Child Goes Viral was originally published on

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22 thoughts on “Photo of White Man, Friends Posting Racist Comments About Black Co-Worker’s Child Goes Viral

  1. Peter johson, go f#$k yourself, or have you already preyed upon some innocent child already!! That’s what y’all like you know!! Sick, evil bastards!!

  2. This kid is as cute as a button!! What this hillbilly, inbred, white trash could have said?? Couldn’t imagine. When their white asses start aging, their skin looks like raw chicken!!! Gross. This handsome little boy won’t look old before his time!! Am I lying?? They know this and whether they want to admit it or not, they are very jealous of who we are as a people!!

    • brentmckaskell on said:

      That little jiggaboo is just the right size to shove between my butt crack and wipe my ass with. And the thing of it is, the color of my sh*it won’t even show up on his little pickaninny face!

  3. Black Panther's Mother on said:

    Angry Black Panthers, you fool.
    We are saying what we do, in response to white racism in the office.
    For the odd incident you cite here, there are a million racist incidents that black people experience on a daily basis, both inside and outside of work.
    In work; being ignored, not pronouncing your name properly, aggressive verbal attacks on the minor disagreements, being left out ‘accidently’ of group emails, spied upon, taken out of context, passed over for promotion yet being more experienced and more qualified than the white person who gets the job, accusations of ‘bad attitude’ , the list goes on.
    All in one day in the life of….

  4. Honestly on said:

    The cave n!@@er geris hilton and his fellow mayonnaise monkey brethren can burn in hell and that’s to good for them. These monsters, freaks and savages should have never been let out of the caves of Europe.

  5. No one is born a racist, racism is taugh/learned. What’s bad is a lot of young/younger people today are racist. They had to have been taught that type of behavior. GOD/Heaven help us!

  6. No one is born a racist, racism is taugh/learnedt. What’s bad is a lot of young/younger people today are racist. They had to have been taught that type of behavior. GOD help us!

  7. Just Evolving on said:

    That’s why I keep work and my personal life separate. I don’t take my kids to office functions. I have a picture up while there that comes with me when I leave. I don’t discuss anything because I don’t trust them. If they try to make negative reference about me why wouldn’t they attack my family. As a mother lioness I would had him for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I would even get an attorney sue him for taking a picture of my child without my consent call it child poronogophy and sue the company because it happen on their property by their employee. I would make his life a living hell worst then he is already in.

  8. I have a good friend. it too me two years to even be introduced to her daughter. Keep your work life and your personal life as separate as can be.

  9. Annette R. Stephens on said:

    This is why I let them all know I work with you and that’s too many hours…I don’t need you around my home nor family I don’t like you that well. I have absolutely NO probem letting them know they are Plastice to me…and that’s not just Caucasians but Afro-Americans as well. The comments he and his friends had against my child though would have earned him a well whooped arsz!! Knowing Violence isn’t the answer neither is pretending to be my friend to assault my family. Yes, He would of deserved that one!

  10. This is when Cayden’s dad needs to pay geris hilton a little visit after work and then post his foot in his azz on FB! No I don’t condone violence but we all have a right to protect our family!

  11. Absolutely correct.
    I sometimes, if in the mood, listen to them talking on & on about all their boring business, say nothing, just a few ‘ Oh really’ or ‘that’s interesting’ tell them nothing about my life, so it does not go around the office.
    I certainly would not have my child in their company long enough for them to take a photo of them, look and now the child’s photo is all over the internet, terrible.
    Hello & Goodbye, chit chat is for your REAL friends outside of work.
    A lesson in this for us all!

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