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  1. Robin Parham on said:


  2. Victoria Bustamante on said:

    I LOVE your radio show, especially the music. I am caucasian and you play the best music way better than the white folks!

  3. Lolita Washington on said:

    Dl, love you your show is the best and I love your ged session. You are so smart to be a ged grad. Keep up the good work and please get Steve picture off the srean. Thanks bud

    • Does anyone know the song and the singer that is about Trump but uses the music from Cops – bad boys, bad boys, what you gonna do? It was played on air around 5p CST Monday, 11/20.

  4. David Milliner on said:

    Sat front row at Jacksonville, FL late show this weekend. DL and crew are too funny! Keep up the great work and the unwavering political stance! Our heads and sides are still hurting from the laughter. We have seen you live before, but this was rare form. Settle a bet for us… Was it Hen-doggy-dawg Gary was bringing out to you or something else? Always fans,

    The Milliner Family
    Albany, GA

  5. MICHEAL D CANADY SR on said:

    DL, I love you, your sh, your commits-especially on donny trump, where we both agree. F- trump now, F-trump forever. He is a thief, a liar, he stole the presidency, with the help of Russia and both his son & son-in-law. I don’t have a president anymore, and I don’t trust the government or police ever again. All laws in this country is to eliminate the Black Man, one by one, and it starts with THEIR president, cause I don’t have one anymore. Thanks DL, we love you for telling the truth. Keep doing what you are doing.

  6. Barbara Davis on said:

    DL you spoiled me and my hubby. We can’t listen to minstrel entertainers anymore, we need a mix of current events to our comedy. Hey you owe us. After your first time on Bill Maher, we subcribed to HBO……….that’s been years ago, when are you coming back?

  7. James Mac on said:

    This show D.l.Hugely has got to be the most racist show ever.I have never heard you say anything negative about Pres. OBAMA. First off he wasn’t born in this country, he’s muslim, he can’t say Islamic Terrorist when talking about muslim radicals I mean look what his last name is-Muslim. He has put a big wedge between us & Isreal, and us & Russia. All the negative B.S that his cabinet to include Hillary & the current and past Attorney Generals. For promoting Black Lives Matter when they do more harm than good. All these cops gettING killed by young lazy welfare living blacks. And with all this all you all can say is us Whites are racist. Not when you all talk racist cap all damn day on the radio. And Dale wether you like it or not you racist punk. Trump is your President. If you don’t like it don’t let the door hit where the good Lord split you.

    • latanya on said:

      How ignorant are you? If Obama wasn’t American, he could not have become President! There is much more that he wanted to do in his eight years in office but be real, he’s a “Black” Democrat. Watch the news a bit more and you’ll see and understand more. But in reality, you must be someone who claims either to know it all or only want to hear the truth from the white man. Which one are you?

    • Learn how to spell before you start talking trash. Learn your facts, Trump had to finally admit that the real POTUS, BARACK OBAMA was born in Hawaii.

    • Sarah Hampton on said:

      If you don’t like him then stop listening! Before you say ignorant things,then you should get your facts straight. Former president Obama was born in Hawaii which has been a state since 1959, which was before he was born. As far as D. L. Hughley being a racist after reading your post, I think that everyone knows who the is ignorant( synonym for racist) one!

  8. Kim Burrell did not make her comments on the grammys or the bet awards and if you read Genesis to Revelations the Lord used his people to preach against sin including homosexuality Leviticus charter20 verse 13 and Romans 1st chapter verse 24 what the enemy wants to do is to tell God’s people what’s they can say and can’t say in the pulpit that’s not going to happen. You can share this on your broadcast.

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