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NFL legend Tony “Touchdown” Dorsett is featured in American Dream, a documentary that chronicles the life of superstar legends and their extraordinary careers across the sporting realm.

The film’s executive producer, Eric Dunn and the Hall of Famer talk to the Tom Joyner Morning Show about the series, how hard it was to convince Mr. Dorsett to participate and why the combination of faith and family are important to show in the media.


“We take icons of the sport and what do, is we chronicle holistically their life. The ups and the downs. Tony and his wife Janet were so gracious. They were skeptical at first, because unfortunately today there is a lot of gotcha moments. But I wanted to show different images of the black family. I really wanted this to be about faith, family and football,” Dunn said.

In 2013 Tony Dorsett confirmed he was diagnosed with signs of chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), the brain disease that is linked to concussions and the suicides of former football players.

Were the concussions worth it?

“Yes and no. I had the opportunity to do something that I loved and dreamed of. But I didn’t know the outcome would have been like this. When you play the game of football you know there is a chance of injury,” Dorsett said.

Should parents let their kids play football knowing the injuries?

“I don’t think it’s a bad game. It’s a great game. The protocol now, people are more aware of what’s going on now. If a kid is subjected to some sort of head trauma, they’re going to pull that kid out. They are now more aware of what is going on. If my kid wanted to play, I’d let him play,”Dorsett said.

Click the link above to hear the entire interview.

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One thought on “Were The Concussions Worth It? Tony Dorsett Stars In ‘The American Dream’ Documentary, Talks Football & More

  1. Sad to hear Mr. Dorsett on the TJMS show this morning.

    Back in the day he was an AWESOME player for the Dallas Cowboys!!!

    These athletes need to put their own mental health first instead of chasing the ALMIGHTY $$$$$.

    It is obvious that the NFL coaches are not concerned with their players suffering from concussions
    or other brain injuries just to win a dam game!!!!!

    There seems to be PLANTATION mentality in the sport of football and the players are very well paid SLAVES!!!!!!

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