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Just before the Season 2 debut, the Empire cast, directors, showrunner and of course, creator Lee Daniels got together in L.A. to answer questions in a Q&A in front of a live audience. In this Q&A, several moving stories emerged, Taraji P. Henson showed that she’s the heart of the show on and off screen and Terrence Howard, predictably, made some eyebrow-raising statements. Check out the entire video below.

Though some people have expressed disappointment with Empire thus far, let us know what you thought of the first episodes of Season 2 below.

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11 thoughts on “‘Empire’ Cast Q&A Will Make You Laugh, Cry And Shake Your Head [WATCH]

  1. Beeg1966
    My mother (may God rest her soul) used to love “Dallas”! She would be so heavily enthralled in that show, that it drove us crazy. After all her ignoring us, we decided to watch it and enjoyed it too.

    My sister and I were fans of “Knots Landing” and “Dynasty”. What a blast from the past!
    Oh and I forgot that Blake killed his son’s lover.

    Now I watch “Empire” and Devious Maids.” (I just gotta have my nighttime soaps!)

  2. CassandraECrowell on said:

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  3. IanRousseault on said:

    Black people why do you support this bullshit? Black people are SOOOO much more than being shown as nothing but uneducated buffoons and animals! Why don’t you have high self esteem about yourselves? In the year 2015 this Empire tv show is an abomination. Do you think that Jewish people would allow a show about them that reflected them as animals to EVER appear on TV or anywhere?

    • Beeg1966 on said:

      Why do you worry about what people think about Black people, you are the one with the problem. This is Black people, this is how we roll, weather good or bad. We are Black and if you don’t like the show, don’t look at it. No one talked down on Dallas, Knot Landing or Dynasty. Blake Carrington killed his son’s lover, who was gay. Maybe you to young to remember this, but let this actors get paid. It a TV, PERFECT IANROUSEAULT!!!

      • IanRousseault on said:

        You cannot compare this jungle bunny show to Dallas, Knots Landing, Falcon Crest. Thgese were great actors such as Diahann Caroll. Not these ghetto people!!!!

    • IanRousseault,
      I like “Empire” because it is entertaining. Likewise, I like the show because I get to see people that resemble me. I am not easily entertained by Blacks hurting other Blacks but am entertained by the acting and good writing. (It is funny sometimes and sometimes it is sad, but certainly entertaining.)

      While you see “buffoons” and “animals”, I see a good story being told by a great cast of characters that were supplied a carefully written script. The show is NOT factual but based on some remarks I have heard from family members that are in the music industry, it depicts the REALITY of a cutthroat business and SOMETIMES that is what “Empire” reveals.

      You say the show is detestable so I assume you do not watch it and I do not blame you one bit, as it would not make any sense for anyone to watch something they did not like.

      I cannot speak for all Jews but only for a few in my surroundings and they have made positive remarks about “High Maintenance”. Of course, I am not sure what you consider a reflection of an animal, but the show does have a drug dealer that delivers. “Broad City” has a story line or two that could certainly resemble “Empire” but then I am not Jewish so I cannot say. (I will have to get back with you on that one.)

      IanRousseault, there are some that do not like the show and you are one of them and I respect that. However, please respect that there are some of us that like the show. (Not all things are for everyone.)

      • IanRousseault on said:

        There will absolutely NO respect for ghetto coons who love and watch this modern day abomination!!!!!

      • “Ghetto coons”
        Okay, I get it now.

        Based on your comment, it is obvious you detest anything Black so I will RESPECTFULLY leave you to be whatever you pretend to be.

        Good day

  4. cikafrasih on said:

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