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It was all a misunderstanding, says Momma Dee. The Love and Hip Hop star says that her arrest on dodging dinner charges was due to a group of folks she didn’t know joining her group and racking up a bill, then leaving. Watch above for her explanation. According to, Milwaukee’s D.A. will not prosecute Momma Dee, real name Deborah Bryant. She does take a good mugshot, though.

Original Story below:

Celebrities or pseudo celebrities in this case, seem to have a habit of not wanting to pay for things that the rest of us have to pay for – such as eating out at expensive restaurants.

According to B. Scott. Momma Dee from Love & Hip Hop Atlanta appears to have allegedly skipped out on a $500 restaurant bill in a Milwaukee restaurant yesterday, Saturday 26th in the morning. That sounds like one expensive brunch.

Citing TMZ, B. Scott reports the following:

Law enforcement tells TMZ Dee was arrested Saturday morning in Milwaukee for “fraud on inn keeper – nonpayment.” AKA … skipping out on a bill somewhere.

It was reported that Momma Dee was out with friends to celebrate her birthday and when a bill of around $500 came to the table, no one wanted to cough up the cash.

Dee was held behind bars for a few hours and released after posting a $250 bail.

There might be more to come in this story. But for now, we’re shaking our heads at this news.

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