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Michael B. Jordan may be the latest member of “The New Black” Club, which was unofficially started by Pharrell Williams last year when he explained to Oprah, “The New Black doesn’t blame other races for our issues.”

“The New Black dreams and realizes that it’s not pigmentation: it’s a mentality and it’s either going to work for you or it’s going to work against you. And you’ve got to pick the side you’re going to be on,” he said.

While many were outraged by what they called “ignorant” and “elitist” comments, others co-signed Pharrell’s view on race. His comments came on the heels of black female fans blasting him for not using any dark-skinned women on the cover of his “Girl” album.

New Blacks may often find themselves bewildered by the fact that there’s even “still racism in 2015.” It’s as if once they “stop seeing race,” then they become stunned by the endless fantastical tales of racism. We’re not saying this is certainly the case with Michael, but we side-eye folks like him and Pharrell, and black people in particular, who claim they “don’t see race.”

Of course, these are the same folks who suddenly see race when they become the victim of racism; police brutality or social injustice.

Jordan recently told GQ that he doesn’t view the world through black and white tinted lenses, and no doubt many find that commendable. However, others are feeling a certain way about his comments because they are in response to black fans (read: black women) blasting him for his alleged relationship with model/reality star Kendall Jenner.

Jordan, one of the most attractive and eligible bachelors in Hollywood, has recently been linked to Kendalla rumor he won’t confirm or deny – but he is sounding off about his fans who aren’t thrilled over the idea of him dating a white girl.

“It’s the world we live in,” Jordan, 28, tells GQ. “They see white and Black. I don’t.”

He continues, “A lot of Black fans were feeling like, ‘Oh, my God, he should have been with a Black woman’ and that whole thing. I get it, but on the other hand it’s, like, relax. You know – it’s 2015. It’s okay! People can like one another, not necessarily from the same history or culture or whatever the f**k it is.”

“Kendall’s a friend of mine, you know. I don’t know her, like, that well, but I know her enough,” he says. “People’s perspective on that is what it is.”

While the sleuths of Black Twitter continue to surveil him and Kendall, Jordan says his priority right now is his career and not his love life.

“I try and be focused. I told myself at a young age that I would sacrifice all my twenties to my work. I’m 28. I’ve got a year and a half left,” he explains. “I understand what females want and need, you know. I’m good at that. I don’t know if I’m the guy to give it to them.”

Hmm, speaking of his career, the “Fantastic Four” actor is also in even hotter water with black fans for saying  he deliberately targets roles that aren’t exactly meant for him, or other African-Americans.

“I told my team after I finished Chronicle that I only want to go out for roles that were written for white characters,” he said. “Me playing the role will make it what it is… Instead of taking something conceptually written for a Black guy, I want the stuff that was written for a guy.”

Well, we’re sure you’re not surprised to learn those words didn’t go over so well and Black Twitter responded:


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31 thoughts on “Michael B. Jordan Says He Doesn’t “See Race,” Social Media Responds

  1. Shapar napash on said:



  2. That’s what black men say when they get money and want to date white women only. They claim the don’t see color but they won’t date anyone who looks like themselves(black). Do what you want but don’t be fooled. Some of these people would not give blacks the time of day if they didn’t have money. They’ll take the money but they see you.

  3. sluthomadu on said:

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  4. phillygirlg on said:

    People have the right to like who they like. Everything can’t always be “politically correct”.The world is built up of any different shades. In the end, we are all human first.It is what it is!

  5. That’s what black men say when the get money and want to date white women . They claim they don’t see color but they see that they don’t want to date someone that looks like themselves (black) . Do what u want but don’t fool yourselves

      • It does not take away the pain and fear.
        Oh and tell that to a person that has been PHYSICALLY attacked due to the color of their skin.

      • African American Woman on said:

        I understand Keeba, it’s does hurt. However, pain and fear are limiting feelings as they can control your life and keep you frozen. I know the pain of being attacked for my color- I’ve had other black women say mean things to me, roll their eyes at me and called me all kinds of B’s because I am light skinned with green eyes, but they usually don’t even know me! I’ve had white people say things like are you really black? It must be nice not to be so dark, I shouldn’t act so black…all kinds of negative things. However, I take those things with a grain of salt because life is short and NO ONE can steal my joy, especially not some other human being.

      • African American Woman,

        As you said, those are limiting feelings but as I stated, being PHYSICALLY attacked is totally different and lifelong. Perhaps even then the feeling is limited but the experience is long remembered and the distrust remains forever.

        It is my hope and prayer that Jordan never faces ANY TYPE of racism because racism exists in this era.

  6. IanRousseault on said:

    He is a very smart Man. Yes he and other black actors should go for roles that really display their talent other than inner city horrible horrendous guttbucket gold teeth rap hip hop ratchet criminal drug dealing roles! I agree with him, think out of the box my friend!!!! And yes All Lives Matter!!!!!!!

  7. African American Woman on said:

    Wow, the man gets attacked for stating his opinion. I see color, every one who has vision sees color. However, I don’t see myself as inferior, a victim of as a barrier to my success. What I truly agree with him on is that we have the power to choose what we do with our lives- stay a stuck, miserable, poor victim me whiner, OR go with the power inside of you and stop blaming other’s opinions of you as a reason for failure. I always choose the latter

  8. wow another lost brother, the reason why you don’t see race, is because you got your head up your ass. I gave you more credit that that comment. you are such a disappointment.

  9. He knows better. He made this statement because he knew it would cause controversy, and at the same time, he gets to draw attention to himself. Michael Jordan: Just Keep On Living! …

  10. specialt757 on said:

    I don’t think he’s an idiot and he seems to be a pretty decent actor, I thought he did well on the Wire and Fruitvale Station, but I do think his views will change when he gets his “n*gg*r wake-up call”. Because maybe he doesn’t see race but others sure do and yes, in 2015.

  11. Timothy Green on said:

    *shrugs* he’s welcome to his opinion … don’t see why he’s getting bashed because others don’t agree with it, live your lives people what he eats damn sure won’t make yall shit

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