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Last month Ne-Yo and video model Crystal Renay announced that they are expecting their first child together AND that they were engaged.

Perhaps Ne-Yo didn’t pop the question right the first time, or perhaps there weren’t enough eyes watching them because he proposed a second time and Renay made sure to capture the moment for social media.

She posted the video below:


And here’s part 2 of the RE-proposal:


The R&B singer is already father to two other children — a daughter, Madilyn Grace, 4½, and a son, Mason Evan, 3½ — from his previous relationship with Monyetta Shaw.


As PEOPLE reports, Ne-Yo took to Twitter last month to set the record straight about comments Shaw made on VH1’s “Hollywood Exes,” in which she revealed that she had her tubes tied when they were together so that they wouldn’t have any more children.

“Clearing the air… I didn’t force Mo to tie her tubes. Mutual decision. And the procedure is reversible. #SheCanHaveKids #FromTheHorsesMouth,” he wrote in a separate tweet.

Rumors that Ne-Yo made Shaw get her tubes tied first surfaced last year when she broke down in an episode of “Hollywood Exes,” in which she was still angry about having the procedure done and concerned that she could meet a man one day who wants to have kids with her.

“What if I meet the one and he doesn’t have kids? I can’t give you kids,” Shaw said. “That right there, it gets me. It makes me angry. I see why some women are bitter.”

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(Photo Source: Crystal Renay Instagram)

4 thoughts on “NeYo Shares Proposal Video, Slams Ex’s Sterilization Claims [WATCH]

  1. DamitaJo on said:

    They make you sign a paper saying the procedure is irreversible. Even though she can get the tubal litigation reversed (maybe if she didn’t burn them), there is no guarantee that it will work and she will be able to have children.

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