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Crooner Avant’s new CD, The VIII (The Eighth) will be released next Friday, September 25th and as a treat, he is offering a discount to TJMS listeners who pre-order on The Cleveland native says that he’s happy to have lasted this long in music.

“It’s my eight album and I named it The VIII because I’m proud,” he says. “It’s got some great material on there. People say it’s real music. The players says ‘Thank you.’ And my [female fans] are happy to have something for them.”

His new single, Special is out now and he’s admitting that he may have slept with his best friend.

“Marriage, hitting the lottery is special and having a baby is special,” Avant says. Asked how his lady feels about it, he says

“My [woman] says keep making great music.”

Click the link above to hear the entire interview and watch an exclusive one-on-one with him below.

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