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On of the most respected female rappers in the game, L.A. based artist Yo Yo has her story told tonight on the latest installment of Unsung. 

“I’m so excited. We watched it last night for the first time I have to say – a little tear-jerker, a lot of information. It took me back,” Yo Yo said.

Yo Yo came out in 1990 as a guest star on Ice Cube’s AmeriKKKa’s Most Wanted. Her first single “You Can’t Play With My Yo Yo” is among the female empowerment anthems of that era. Yo You also founded the Intelligent Black Women’s Coalition, an organization that advanced women’s’ empowerment. Though she had no say on how the show came together, Yo Yo said she’s very satisfied with how things turned out.

It was beautiful. My journey has been real. Tonight you’re going to really see my journey,” Yo Yo said. “What I’ve learned from watching it is is that I’ve been on the path of community,  education, togetherness, love and fearlessness some times. And building my confidence in a music industry that was trying sometimes. It changed so much. I had to make some sacrifices and some choices which were hard decisions for me.” 

Yo Yo calls Ice Cube ‘a great mentor’ but says her mother’s initial reaction was ‘He’s not going to call you those names,” she says. “I had to fight for my femininity and my voice throughout the journey.”

Unsung airs tonight at 8 p.m.

Click the link above to hear the entire interview!

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