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What made two Georgia brothers, 17 and 22, viciously attack their parents in a middle-class suburb of Atlanta is still a mystery. But an even more shocking detail has emerged from police – that the brothers planned the attack for years. Are the Ervin brothers the modern-day African-American version of the infamous Menendez brothers or was something going on at home that no one – friends, neighbors, their schools, knew anything about?

The reports: 

The night before they were attacked, Yvonne and Zachary Ervin got a call from one of their sons. He said he and his brother wanted to make the family dinner at their Snellville-area home.

“The mother said this was odd behavior,” according to a Gwinnett County police search warrant obtained Monday, “because the sons had not done this on prior occasions.”

What followed that night, police believe, were Xanax-spiked cocktails. What came the next morning was a brutal assault that left Yvonne Ervin badly beaten, Zachary Ervin stabbed multiple times, and both brothers — 17-year-old Cameron and 22-year-old Christopher — in the Gwinnett County jail.

In the days since the Sept. 5 attack, details about the brothers’ alleged actions have continued to trickle out, first through news releases and incident reports, then through Yvonne Ervin’s frantic 911 call. The search warrant released Monday provides even more insight into the alleged events on Forbes Trail.

Police previously had said that the brothers were “cooperative” during interviews with detectives, but the warrant goes further: It said both admitted to “attempting to set the residence on fire, [attempting to strangle] their parents with a pillow and/or plastic bag, and stabbing the father.”

It also said that “one of the sons … stated that he had been planning this since he was eleven years old.”

Yvonne Ervin was released from the hospital a few days after the attack. Zachary Ervin was released Thursday.

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18 thoughts on “Georgia Brothers Attack On Parents Planned For Years, Say Police [VIDEO]

  1. No telling what these boys were going. Could have been getting abused we do not know but everyone is quick to judge. Should have went to law school

  2. These are still their children. I cant imagine the mixed emotions these parents are going through, they lost two sons. They can visit them but what do you say when you child plans your murder? Sad commentary . . .

    • specialt757 on said:

      Cokes I was actually thinking this same thing last night. It won’t be easy for these parent to just switch off their feelings for their kids. Mothers especially have that nurturing bond or “tie” that’s not easily severed. She will more than likely try to justify what these monsters (oh and make no mistake these are monsters), did and in some way blame herself…because that’s what mothers do. I just pray that God gives them the strength they need to live a normal life again as much as possible under the circumstances.

  3. Yall than lost yall dam mine. Who does that try and kill ur parents. U guys never wanted for nothing .how could yall do that to them but yall ass is going to pay for that shit.

  4. Dare to speak the truth on said:

    These parents spoiled those two ! Parents nowadays want to be friends instead of real disciplinarians ! I have an ungrateful nephew that way because of my sister never doing any parenting but buying material things and he turned out to be a real thug and I would bet this is the case here ! They need to lock them up and throw away the key forever and see what having a home is like in prison ! REALITY CHECK to these two hoodies ! If I was the parent I would never ever have a damn thing to do with them .in this lifetime . It would be over !

  5. Scenario:
    Son #1: ” Mom and Dad wont let us do anything. . Ughhh..
    Son #2: Lets just kill them . . . then we can do what we want.
    Son #1: Naw, ask Mom again if we can go to the party.
    Son#2: She said NO!
    Son #1: Well I have a plan . .

    These poor parents were trying to keep these children out of trouble. Sometimes it can backfire if you hold on too tight. Sad situation, glad the parents survived but these kids face a horrible reality about life now.

  6. Jennifer on said:

    that is ashame. They really do need to go to prision, and see what kind of life they have then. It is just awful someone you gave birth to, wants and tries this hard to kill you. LORD HAVE MERCY.

  7. specialt757 on said:

    It’s a special place in HELL for these two degenerates. Hope they find what they are looking for in prison because they sure wanted something other than the good life and freedom. I just thank God their plans failed and God has the final say.

  8. This stupid nuts try to killed their parent is beyond words. I do not care what the parents did or did not do, you do not try to kill your parents. They grew up well to do and had everything and lived a life better than many kids in the inner city (good schools, vacations, etc). Everything seem to paint their parents as “good parents”. These blacks kids are now doing things white kids were known to do.

  9. We are living in the last days!!!!
    OMG these two POS plotting to harm/murder their own parents!!!!

    When you have a roof over your head, food in your belly, clothes on your back-what the hell else could you possibly want or need?

    Parents need to stop spoiling their rotten children-else they turn out to be ungrateful cretins who will eventually turn on them and possibly kill them.

    Please put these two in JAIL now -in general population-with ADULT men and see how they survive then!!!!!!

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