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The last 24 hours on social media haven’t been kind to Nia Long after an Instagram post where she used the hashtag #AllLivesMatter surfaced.

Advocating for prison reform, the actress  decided against using the infamous #BlackLivesMatter hashtag and was met with much critique.


And while some fans weren’t totally against the tag, others called her to the proverbial carpet, suggesting that she “sold out”.






Does it bother you that Nia used the #AllLivesMatter hashtag?

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36 thoughts on “Nia Long Slammed For Declaring ‘All Lives Matter’

  1. Yes, Ms. Nia you’re entitled to your opinion, but in this context of Black lives Matter, I think the effort is to gain attention that POLICE PEOPLE are DISPROPORTIONATELY KILLING black people.

    Now if Ms. Nia she wants to talk about Black on Black crimes then, lets talk about that too, but in a different vein!

    By the way, Ms. Nia doesnt even claim to be Black, she’s Jamaican—careful she dont end up like that other dried up actress STACY (what’s her name?)

    • Timothy Green on said:

      “Nia doesnt claim to be black she’s Jamaican” you sound like an idiot your entire comment & even dumber with the ending statement, so now blacks of foreign heritage don’t matter?!?!, take that bullshit somewhere… if you did your research officers killing people is actually FAR BIGGER than a black issue, review the police deaths for the years & you’ll see what i mean .. BLM is a joke, since it focuses on the FEW black deaths caused by police while overlooking the DAILY MASSACRES of black on black violence

      • Hey Tiny, calm down, your cussin shows your level of maturity. I normally don’t dance with foolz but here we go.

        You must be Caucasian or that type of slave who woulda been right there at the massa’s feet.

        A real Black person would not shoot down this Black lives Matter effort even with all of our internal problems that we as a people need to address. Since we rarely come together as a people, I think this is great start to highlight such an important issue. Then, hopefully this effort would become even more developed, who know who might step forward out of this mist, “a voice” like Malcolm or Dr. King. Yes, I know each of us can effect change, but I still believe we need a voice to HELP unify us

        As far as my statement about Miss Nia saying that she is half Jamaican, when I hear Black celebrities saying that they are half this and half that, I feel they are trying to set themselves apart from Black Americans. Miss Halle, for instance knows that she’s biracial, but I don’t think I’ve ever heard her say she is BIRACIAL like o’ Tiger. Miss Halle identifies as Black ‘cause she knows no matter what—that is how she is viewed.

  2. Michelle on said:

    Nia has a right to her opinion just like anybody else and she is right all lives matter. The BLM movement will get nowhere as Black on Black crime for decades will always overshadow it. What’s your solution for that?

    • African American Woman on said:

      They don’t have a solution , Michelle. They just want everyone to over look our self imposed genocide and ONLY focus on black men and cops. To me it’s a shame that a movement that could have so much impact on changing so many things, chooses to focus on mostly criminals, who get in confrontations with police.

  3. People, read what the BLM movement is saying before you judge. They are simply saying that all person’s should be held accountable when a life is taken, plain and simple. Yes black on black crime is rampant. But did you also know that more people are killed by mass murder by white people? When a police officer can take a life and simply say I feared for my life, or he was reaching for my gun and we accept that as fact is really sad.Would’t it be nice if every black person that kills another black person could simply say, “Ifeared for my life” just as police officers do. But no they are arrested and held accountable, that is the differance. Police officers have been abusing people for years, technology has just brought it to the forefront. All lives do matter, but so should do justice.

    • Timothy Green on said:

      Lynne many people not just police HAVE gotten away with shooting/killing others because they “feared for their life” … and yes you are correct police indiscretions are nothing new theyre just now coming to light, but on the flip side minorities slaughtering eachother in our own communities is nothing new either, the BLM movement wants to hold others accountable for killing us yet “they” look right back at us & wonder if we value our lives so much why have we sat quietly for years as the black on black slaughter has occurred.. “we’ll” literally march in the streets & threaten anarchy when an officer kills a “thug” but sit back quietly when an INNOCENT child is killed by black on black violence

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  5. If all lives matter..then why is it that only black men are on the endangered species list! Black on Black crime………IS NOT THE SAME AS BEING MURDERED DURING A TRAFFIC STOP!!

    • Timothy Green on said:

      ….. the reason we’re on the endangered list is from killing ourselves, since the one police incident in Baltimore look how many black on black deaths have occured there, so as the masses keep asking if BLM why does it only “matter” the less than 5% of the time a non black is involved in the incident … and no im not a troll, im a 34yo black male & father

      • African American Woman on said:

        Here’s the solution to clear up any confusion to what these BLM folks stand for…change your name to Black Lives Matter ONLY If Taken By Cops. BLMOITBC….catchy, if you ask me.

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  7. Actually all lives do matter! BUT its the notion of white supperiority that can go to hell.

    Imagine being judged as inferior because of ‘color’. Its all there to keep us DOWN. PERIOD!

    And so it reaches from the suites to the streets. With the clean up men [police] as the gatekeepers.

    Police have now been accepted as not only the enforcers but also [when it comes to us] the
    executioners of society. Look back at the Rodney King case. The man was ‘beaten to a pulp’ and
    the jury determined the police did their [protect and serve] duty.

    Now this will hurt. BUT most all these people [except Travon Michell] were actually playing the fool.
    There’s no other way to put it. Simply put-not doing what the clean-up people say do will get you
    choked to death,shot in the back and all the rest.

    Because of the ‘intangible’ racist machine, in their eyes, black lives don’t matter-that’s a fact.

    That creepy madness is in EVERY QUARTER of this society. EVERY QUARTER!

    The American media which is no doubt the most racist on earth, make it a point to point out
    every infraction the stupid in our community does.

    Nia Long is correct and the thing we in the African American community need to do is wise up
    and maybe we won’t see this nonsense in the news every week,month and year.

  8. All lives do matter!! So ignorant that ppl will make a big issue out of this…There is probably more black on black crime than any other race has…js

  9. ….Everybody, please just leave Nia alone…She is right…All lives do matter…The lives of the Migrants fleeing war torn parts of the world trying to find safe refuge and sanctuary…Every life is precious…I support what you said Nia.

  10. I have nothing against either all lives matter or black lives matter.
    We need to spend less time trying to figure out which is better and need to try to figure out how the decrease the killing of all lives especially when we are killing each other nonstop in the hood. Some folks just want to use the slogan when the cops kill someone, but when Pookey in the hood kills someone it doesn’t count there is no rally for justice at all. We all have to do better especially the parents of these young kids.

  11. IanRousseault on said:

    I stand behind Ms. Long 100%. How in the hell can intelligent sane people be upset by the phrase ALL LIVES MATTER???????? People are sad and uneducated! Much prayer is needed! Ms. Long you rock!

  12. Timekeeeper on said:

    Well, the media has certainly been successful in trying to take down the BLM Movement. This isn’t for or against BML, but most of these talking points are straight from the newscript I’ve been hearing. So many have bought into the distortion. That is the saddest of all.

    • You are so right, I think most of these post are from white trolls, again trying to disrupt anything that brings blacks together, social media has shown us what our grandparents always knew, from the uproars in the middle east to the stealing of our culture, our music, even the fist bump. Now they want to steal Black Lives Matter! remember this came about because men and boys unarmed WHERE MURDERED…

  13. She is correct… All lives matters! Many in the black community want to get all in an uproar when a white person kills a black / brown person. HOWEVER, we stay silent when a black person kills another black… Nia, you have my support

    • The problem is that BL does not seem to matter period. WF put things in order to destroy the Black Community, and Black Community fell for it. I have always to my son, U were born with 2 strikes against U. There is a trap waiting on u that will complete the 3 strikes. When someone has set the stage (drugs etc,) for u and it’s negative one, destroy it and build your own. You do not take short cuts in life, trying to get by.. You get an education and work hard; build on a solid foundation, and no one can destroy it. They are building prisons for Black kids and Giving White kids and education.

    • What would you do? on said:

      Im tagging along as well. Black lives does matter but others as well. As far as I am concerned “Black lives matter” is just away for some black people to have a temper tantrum of an issue of race when it should go much deeper than that. If one day we can think outside of the box with an open mind and realize that how can we scream that “Black lives matter” to the world but when the media shows how violent we are to ourselves, tearing up families, communities and hard earned business like children that can’t have their way. Wake up my people and realize and accept the truth. We need to start being accountable for what we do first before others can change their view of us. We are so much in denial of the fact of what we are contributing to the destruction of our souls. We need to strengthen our family structure…. To give the children and young adults some morals and values that would inspire them to want to do better and be better. I find it so disturbing that a child would get bullied and beaten just because he or she made better grade than their fellow students. Why so much vindictiveness and jealousy?

      Some lyrics from Micheal Jackson’s song…. Man in the Mirror:

      I’m gonna make a change
      For once in my life
      It’s gonna feel real good
      Gonna make a difference
      Gonna make it right
      As I, turn up the collar on
      My favorite winter coat
      This wind is blowing my mind
      I see the kids in the streets
      With not enough to eat
      Who am I to be blind?
      Pretending not to see their needs
      A summer disregard, a broken bottle top
      And a one man soul
      They follow each other on the wind ya’ know
      ‘Cause they got nowhere to go
      That’s why I want you to know
      I’m starting with the man in the mirror
      I’m asking him to change his ways
      And no message could have been any clearer
      If you want to make the world a better place
      Take a look at yourself, and then make a change
      I’ve been a victim of a selfish kind of love
      It’s time that I realize
      That there are some with no home, not a nickel to loan
      Could it be really me, pretending that they’re not alone?
      I’m starting with the man in the mirror
      I’m asking him to change his ways
      And no message could have been any clearer
      If you want to make the world a better place
      Take a look at yourself, and then make a change

      • Amen! I never knew all the words to “man in the mirror” but they ring “truth”! The kids being killed are someone’s child and something went wrong somewhere. I do think the responsibility starts at home with the parents! Lives matter! Black people we need to wake up! Anyone aspiring to be something, hopefully everyone, know that evil lurks to destroy the hopes and dreams God designed us for! Evil has no color! God created us in His image so the sky is the limit, have faith!

  14. First Nia gurl you and C Breezy were funny as shigady on RHOH!!! Maybe Nia is thinking of all the DEAD BLACK KIDS and DEAD POLICE OFFICERS who did nothing wrong!!! ALL my friends are now jumping off the Freddie Gray bandwagon since the Mayor made a drug dealer rich while rec centers are closing etc.!! Hey BLM why yall still broke and marching while the families of criminals are RICH???? lmaoooooooooo

    • Timothy Green on said:

      “Made the family of a drug dealer rich”?? … uhmmmm alot of bias & ignorance in your comment, regardless of the fact he wasnt a saint how does that justify what happened to him?? … people that have done any wrong in life automatically become worthless & disposable??? … its always easy to talk shit & pass judgement when it’s someone elses family or loved one

      • I agree with you. Some people use a lot of aliases on this site but you can always tell who they are because they say the same thing in every comment. Someone sounds just like Vet Mom. Hmmm…. No one in Bmore is jumping off the Freddie Gray band wagon. The city didn’t make Freddie’s family rich, those six former police officer’s did. In addition to all the other millionaires in the city of Baltimore, thanks to the Baltimore Police Department. The city paid because they knew the officers were wrong, and they will be tried and convicted.

  15. Timothy Green on said:

    She is absolutely correct, the color of my skin SHOULDNT determine if i matter or not the term BLM automatically creates a separation from anyone that isn’t black, i know many minorities would feel some type of way if a White Lives Matter movement came out screaming how its racist etc etc

  16. All lives do matter! Ask anyone who is still alive regardless of the race, “does your life matter?” I’m sure the answer would be “hell yes!” I know this is a movement but please change the conversation to something that will heal and not hurt. Way too many senseless killings of innocent people, law enforcement officers and citizens alike!

  17. African American Woman on said:

    Please! I’ll believe black lives matter when I see some real action from these people to stop the genocide that is occurring everyday in our own neighborhoods. Right on, Nia! You stick to what you believe.

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