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It’s no secret that Keke Palmer is all grown up.

The 22-year-old has successfully transitioned from child star to bonafide hottie. A few scrolls through her Instagram will have you salivating at the mouth, in a non-creepy way of course.



Sexy images of Keke, who’s real name is Lauren, popped up on Instagram today, showing the actress in a series of photos for Maxim magazine in nothing but a slinky black bathing suit and a tee and undies.


Check out more of the sexy photos below:



No word as of yet from Keke or Maxim on when the issue will hit stands but we can’t hardly wait!

Watch a clip of her photo shoot below:

How do you think she looks?

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(Photo Source: Instagram)

13 thoughts on “WATCH: Keke Palmer Stuns In Sexy Shoot For ‘Maxim’ [PHOTOS]

  1. Ladies, Thank you so much for the advice you are sharing with this young Queen! Hopefully she will not fall prey to the “Wolves”.

  2. What next? To what end? ( FULL NUDITY ? ) I truly hope not! My suggestion, evaluate the people advising you and the ones surrounding you! Take Care Of You!

  3. Keke the photos are beautiful as is your body, but baby u do not want to get to get the kind of work that will be linked to having these type of photos. This will not get you the type of work as a serious actor, look at what happened to the other child stars and take a page from their books and do not go this route. Use your talent for more than taking off your clothes.

    • Miley comes to mind. She can never dress in a classy way and be taken seriously. We have seen everything already, unfortunately.
      Have some vanity about yourselves young ladies!

  4. ms crusader on said:

    Be careful baby girl. Trying too hard. Don’t get caught up because the wolves see the opportunity and will run you through and pass you around. Nothing wrong with being seen as wholesome. Adulthood doesn’t have to equate to harlotry. You’re beautiful without emphasizing your curves. Be careful, baby girl. We’ve seen this tooooo many times.

  5. Ms Twink of the Chi on said:

    I think that these pics are done in very good taste. We as people need to stop criticizing our young adults as they are transitioning into adulthood especially when they are doing it in a positive way. Celebrate them “PEOPLE”! You go Ms KeKe…be proud of your accomplishment!!!!

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