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Nick Gordon is not happy with the $10 million wrongful death lawsuit filed against him by the estate of Bobbi Kristina Brown.

So much so that reports that Gordon’s lawyers are filing a motion to dismiss the amended civil suit, which charged their 26-year-old client with giving Brown a “toxic cocktail rendering her unconscious.”

The amended suit, which came after Brown’s death on July 26, stated that the drink was what ultimately led Brown to being found facedown in a water-filled bathtub at the townhouse the couple shared in Roswell, GA., on Jan. 31. Gordon was specifically mentioned as it stated that he beat Brown in the days and weeks before the fatal incident and “put her face down in a tub of cold water causing her to suffer brain damage” and that he beat Brown in the days and weeks before the fatal incident on that fateful night.

Gordon’s criminal lawyer Jose Baez slammed the amended suit, calling it “slanderous and meritless.”

Late Tuesday (Sept. 8), Gordon’s civil lawyers, W. Bryant Green III and Jonathan M. Broderick, filed documents in the Superior Court of Fulton County (GA.) against Bedelia C. Hargrove, the administrator for Brown’s estate, according to Radar Online, which spoke to a source, who revealed that eight points detailing why the court should dismiss the case against Gordon were found in the court documents.

Points raised include the fact that Gordon is not a Georgia resident; that he’s been a resident of Florida since the initial filing of the suit; that Gordon “did not commit any tortious act or omission within the state of Georgia. Plaintiff alleges no proof, several false criminal and frivolous claims against the Defendant”; that Gordon does not own, use or possess any real property in Ga.; that “Gordon and Bobbi Kristina were never married, as such, there are no proceeding for divorce, separate maintenance, annulment, or other domestic relations actions that may ordinarily occur in this state.”

The motion further emphasized its argument for Gordon having nothing to do with committing the alleged acts, stating, “Plaintiff’s Complaint as answered by Defendant contains several unsupported conclusory, untrue criminal accusations that Defendant Nicholas Gordon committed acts that he simply did not do. Plaintiff has not provided any evidence including but not limited to, affidavits, police reports, indictments, and or any documentation to support baseless claims made against Defendant…”

Green and Broderick go on to reference additional documents they’ve filed which reveal for the first time Gordon’s account of what really happened the night Brown was found in her bathtub.

According to the documents, Gordon claims “the parties went out on the night in question, then he (Gordon) reviewed video footage and then had an argument with Ms. Brown and that he changed clothes. Defendant denies the remaining allegations…”

He further claims “that someone went into the master bedroom and found Ms. Brown face down in the bathtub, and that Ms. Brown appeared unconscious and unresponsive at that time. Defendant denies the remaining allegations….”

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4 thoughts on “Nick Gordon Seeking Dismissal of $10M Wrongful Death Lawsuit

  1. The wrong person is being blamed for that childs death… and i know the family is feeling tremendous guilt for not looking after her. Poor thing was doomed when she was born. They should have sent her off to boarding school at least she would have been educated and able to take care of herself. Its just a shame.

  2. Didn’t Nick just sell a picture of her grave to a tabloid for about 50K? I’m not saying he did anything to her but his mourning period was definitely short lived.

  3. jerry washington on said:

    One thing is real sure that the major winners will be the attorney because when all said and done they’re the ones who’s going to prevent the case dissected and put it in perspective and then ultimately whoever persuade in Orlando or Joy or somebody will only be the winner a lot of money is going to be billed hopefully there’ll be enough left corner Whitney and her daughter but life goes on as it always does I hope Garden truly did not do anything to hurt that girl all the evidence does not pointed out I hate to believe that when you love somebody that you would do that kind of harm to her I hate it believe it but let the evidence speak and let the trial begins

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