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A birthday girl visiting Miami got two surprises in one night on her 21st birthday, but one wasn’t much of a gift. Kourtney Chester, a student at the University of Alabama headed to the party town last month to celebrate. But a thief wasn’t in such a celebratory mood, as he approached Chester and her group, smacked her in the face and then stole her phone. Fortunately Miami’s police department was able to capture the man described as  a “career criminal” in less than two hours reports the New York Daily News. But what happened next improved Chester’s night even more.

The NY Daily News reports:

As police finished up their reports, they called Chester back to the crime scene. As Chester, still clad in a 21stbirthday tiara and a white gown for her night on the town, walked up to the cops started singing “Happy Birthday.”

Then, they presented the birthday girl with a cupcake topped with a candle.

Chester told the Atlanta TV station. “I was shocked. I was under the impression that I was going to go identify the guy and that was it. Next thing I know we walked over and they had the candle and the cupcake and they started singing. It was just so thoughtful.”

One of Chester’s friends shot video as the cops helped her blow out the tricky candles.

“You got a cupcake, and we got the bad guys. Best 21st birthday ever!” one of the officers said.


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