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There’s been at least two big questions surrounding the Giants going into the regular season: Is this offense going to suck even with Victor Cruz and Odell Beckham Jr.? And what’s to become of Jason Pierre-Paul, who had one of his fingers amputated in a terrible July 4 fireworks accident?

Pierre-Paul hasn’t been with the team since the tragedy, but ESPN reports that he’ll return to the Giants next week.

When he’ll actually see a down is still up in the air. Pierre-Paul has to meet with the team’s medical staff to make a decision on when he’ll play. Then there’s the contract politics. If the Giants put him on the non-football injury list, he’ll be required to miss six games. Pierre-Paul has a $14.813 million franchise tender on the table. It’s a decent payday, but the dilemma is that if he signs it, New York could elect to not pay Pierre-Paul for those six games.

But outside of technicalities and return dates, Pierre-Paul seems to be in good spirits. The defensive end tweeted for the first time since the fireworks accident on Aug. 23. After a motivational tweet that included a typo, he poked fun at himself.



But is JPP going to still be an effective threat when he returns with that missing appendage? And will Eli Manning stop throwing picks? As we saw earlier with the Tom Brady debacle, the NFL is a comedy of errors. So we’ll wait and see.

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