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Cleveland Cavalier Iman Shumpert confirmed via Facebook and Instagram that his girlfriend, singer Teyana Taylor is having their baby. The couple is due January 16th of next year, according to the post where he also said they were having a baby girl. Iman Taya Schumpert, Jr., will the the baby girl’s name. Yes, she will be a Jr., although most of the time, Juniors are male. (Designer Carolina Herrera’s daughter is another notable celebrity daughter who is a “Jr.”)

It was rumored a while back that the couple was expecting, but Taylor posted a pic of her with a flat stomach denying those rumors. Some have speculate it was because she wanted to finish out her time on the Chris Brown tour without anyone knowing. But she was supportive of her man’s post, saying ‘& that’s all that matters love you baby’ on her own post that included the sonogram.


If you’re keeping up with the NBA girlfriend gossip, you may remember that Teyana Taylor used to be BFF’s with model/actress LaShontae Heckerd (best known for ATL and The Game). Taylor used to date NBA player Brandon Jennings, who then apparently date Heckerd, after she dated Nelly and got her pregnant. Taylor and Heckerd went back and forth over social media about how their friendship imploded, but apparently Taylor is all good now. Heckerd, who has been absent from the public eye recently, may no longer be dating Jennings. Both her Twitter and Instagram feeds are now set to private.

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