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Well, consider us shocked! Ne-Yo and his girlfriend, Crystal Renay have apparently gotten married and have a baby on the way. Though the news is joyous to many, including Renay’s bestie, who officially posted the announcement, people have lit up both Renay’s and Ne-Yo’s Instagram account with displeasure instead of congratulations.

Why? Because celebrity watchers and fans say that Ne-Yo asked his former girlfriend Monyetta Shaw, the mother of his two other children, to get her tubes tied after they had their children together because he didn’t want any more kids! His fans have gone off on the singer, whose album Non-Fiction came out earlier this year saying that he stopped Shaw from having more kids while he went on to doing so himself. Though Renay and Shaw have met and Renay and Ne-Yo have been engaged and have ring tattoos, apparently the couple has made it official.

Here are the announcements:

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11 thoughts on “Wait…Ne-Yo Got Married? And Has A New Baby On The Way? [PHOTOS]

  1. I am really sad and I,m sorry for the x girl friend he used you and ruined your life while he still getting babies so raise that child support and he will get his cause he was real dirty and a liar too.!!!

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