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Monday’s “The Kelly File” segment on Fox News turned into a war of words between the host, Megyn Kelly and Dr. Cornel West.

The three-minute debate centered on the #BlackLivesMatter movement and the various cases of Black-on-Black crime as Kelly kicked things off with discussing Peggy Hubbard, a St. Louis area grandmother who – as we reported – generated more than 7 million views of a video she posted that captured her anger with the Black Lives Matter movement and the lack of protests happening for the inner-city regarding innocent children and unwarranted violence.

For Kelly, attention to Black-on-Black crime has been abandoned. West, on the other hand, argued that a separation between “state-sponsored violence” against Black lives exists. The activist went on to state that although crimes such as Aiyanna Jones and the 9-year-old girl killed in Ferguson do indeed matter, the foundation of #BlackLivesMatter lies in police brutality against unarmed Black people.

As noted, “Kelly’s argument of Black people not taking responsibility and protesting when violence strikes ‘inner-city America,’” is clearly false. The publication emphasized that national coverage barel.

To see West and Kelly’s debate, check out the video below:

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(Photo/Video Source: YouTube)

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20 thoughts on “Megyn Kelly, Cornel West Square Off Over Black Lives Matter vs. Black–on-Black Crime [WATCH]

  1. African American Woman on said:

    Amber, please, where do you live? Underground???? You obviously aren’t very skilled in math or common sense. We are ONLY 12% of the population, yet we commit the majority of violent crime. People like you are why we continue to see this trend because you are afraid to see this side of the coin. You are also a hypocrite. The same spiel you are replying to everyone on here is the opposite of what you believe. At least people like me can admit there are some really great black people in this country, BUT on the flip side, there are waaaaayyyyy too many of us hurting, raping and murdering each other and if you don’t believe it, take a midnight walk down any inner city in this country and see how far you get l. Its really sad, but it’s true. Take the blinders off, stop following the sheep and weigh both sides of the coin. You’ll appear a lot smarter and well rounded if you do.

  2. Honestly on said:

    White on white crime is an epidemic is this country, I don’t see the cave n!@@er megyn kelly bleeding from everywhere screaming about that. F*ck this country! This land is cursed with the blood of African and Native Americans slaughtered by these neanderthal apes to possess it. This will all come to ahead and it won’t be pretty for all involved. These monsters, freaks and savages should have never been let out of the caves of Europe.

    • ambientbake on said:

      Honestly – you and all your cousins should pack up and leave this country – we will be better off without you and people of your ilk.

  3. ambientbake on said:

    The biggest threat to a black man is another black man. God Bless the cops & pizz on the criminals and Black LIES Matter demonstrators.

    • And the biggest threat to white man is another white man; same with hispanics so what is your point. MOst crimes are done by people within their owe race but people want to make a big deal about blacks. Whites kill and bury their folks. Look at the missing files. Mostly whites. They are missing because most whites have killed them and buried them somewhere.

  4. I agree with the fact that “All Lives” not just one ethnic group. There is a disconnect between crimes committed by blacks on black and then getting in an uproar over when an officer of the law harms anyone. I think the media plays up those cases to give the appearance that all law officers are corrupt and trigger happy. I don’t believe that’s the case. There have been instances of police brutality we should definitely be concerned about. However, we do need law enforcement protect us from those who would say ‘No Lives Matter’ My two cents.

    • Timothy Green on said:

      EXACTLY, the fact of the matter is that ALL LIVES DO MATTER & id say over 99% of police officers are ok individuals, many not be the nicest people but thats a different argument, but certain groups are trying to stigmatize as if all officers are evil & out to violate black people, the people who do that need to realize that some use that exact same logic against us “a few black people do something bad, they all are bad” … that mindset is a double egged sword

      • The only folks who are implying all cops are bad are CRIMINALS. I do not see people in the BLM who mean well saying all cops are bad and anyone who want to imply that nonsense is stupid him or herself. People want fairness and that is no more than right.

  5. MacBen on said:

    According to the CDC (2013…most current data) the number one cause of death for black males age 14-34 is homicide- by other black men. Those numbers are supported by black men age 18- 43 being incarcerated for gun, murder and drug charges.


  6. Timothy Green on said:

    Im sorry but you cant claim BLM but only focus on when police kill us because the unfortunate fact is that over 95% of us are being slaughtered by someone who looks JUST LIKE US

    • African American Woman on said:

      Timothy, you know that will never happen. To acknowledge the slaughter going on in our communities by our own people would mean taking responsibility for our own failures and inaction. Whoops! Can’t blame the white man there, so don’t hold your breath.I find it sickening that we don’t protect our babies, women and men who are innocent bystanders of killers that look like them. We would rather be outraged by some criminal with a mile long rap sheet who gets shot by the police which, by the way is rare compared to the murders we see everyday in our own communities. That’s why you don’t see upward and progressive black people who are trying to better themselves, families and communities not involved in this nonsense.

      • Clearly AA woman YOU DO NOT know who is involved. ALot of upstanding blacks are involved with the BLM but once again, folks want to focus on the idiots who do crime and do not care about NO ONE and trying to attach them to the BLM and others who are doing good work in BLM. Like it or not, BLM is making a difference and stop trying to put all people in that movement in the same boat as criminals. Anytime there is a movement, there will people some low life people who will try to use a great event to do criminal behavior and do not care about no one.

      • Also, do not generalize that as if all blacks are not taking care of black babies and taking care of responsibilities. If you loo at the number of blacks in this country, look at number of crime that happen in our communty, that number does NOT outweight the number of blacks who are law obeying people.

    • That 95% is with all races. Making things look like only blacks are killing each other wont work either. Also many blacks are NOT only focus on BLM but some folks who are doing NOTHING are the first to complain about what someone else is not doing. The problem with this stuff everyone wants easy answers and quick fix. This is a deep issue in all groups.

    • I can see that you too miss the whole picture of what the black livesmatter movement is about. HEY, why don’t you read up on it before condeming it.

      • Lynne, folks like AAW never do; they just want to sit back, take actions of a few blacks who do not care about no one and want to generalize every one. Whites kill more cops than anyone YET you do not hear whites talking about white on white violence. Everyone loves to focus on blacks. And sorry, Chicago does NOT represent all blacks in other cities. Chicago has a high black crime just like Oregon has a high white crime rate and Mexico and Miami has a high Latino crime rate.

      • Timothy Green on said:

        Uhmmm while you guys are rambling foolishness against AAW your missing the bigger picture look at the overall #’s & you’ll see that we are still killing ourselves at an alarming rate compared to other groups!!!! … you can bury your heads in the sand & play the “they’re just as bad as us game, everything going on with us is theyre fault” … but thats not gonna change the reality of what’s going on… as far as others picking & choosing what BLM supports & doesn’t support that’s to be blamed on things like overlooking the massacres in our own communities yet matching for the questionable death of thugs that were killed while in extremely questionable places doing extremely questionable things

    • Jzzyj1 on said:

      People are over looking that there are multiple issues with many layers, YES, there is a sickness within Black communities involving BonB crimes, the other issue (BLM) is INNOCENT and UNARMED US Citizens majority black being killed unjustly by persons of authority and that equates to either myself or yoursel being potential victims of this nonsense. You cannot tell me an Innocent and Unarmed person has a right to be killed or physically mishandled by asking an officer, “what is this about”. And don’t get me wrong, Black Lives Matter doesn’t include or represent outright criminals and U think that’s where the confusion comes in BLM vs. Criminals.

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