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Former basketball star Gilbert Arenas has seen his messy relationships with Basketball Wives LA cast members Laura Govan and Draya Michele play out in public, and he’s also long been suspected to be the father of Draya’s 11-year-old son.

While Draya has chosen to keep the identity of her son’s father a secret, the recent resurfacing of paternity rumors has caused Arenas to finally address the issue.

Arenas claims he met Draya through former Washington Wizards teammate DeShawn Stevenson in 2008.

“Draya’s son was at least four years old when I met her and we were [cool] friends,” Arenas explained in an Instagram post that has since been removed.


Celebrity gossip site Industry On Blast posted a photo of Arenas and Draya’s son along with a caption that said he paid Draya a $20,000 monthly settlement to keep quiet about the boy’s paternity. When the post got Gilbet’s attention, he took to Instagram to put an end to the speculation He also challenged Industry On Blast, TMZ and Baller Alert to prove their stories about the hush money. He offered to donate $1 million to each of their charities if they prove he paid her off. According to his post below, the gossip sites took him up on the bet.

Gilbert also provided a bit of backstory on Draya’s casting on “BBWLA” and the feud between her and his ex-fiancée, Laura Govan. Apparently Govan was barred from mentioning his name on the series by a gag order, MadameNoire reports.

“Draya was [cast], but since the show wasn’t paying her to move to Cali to shoot and live, we came to an agreement,” he said.

Arenas also said he agreed to help Draya move to L.A. to pursue her career IF she agreed not to mention his name on the show.

“This is why no one understood who Draya was with to be on the show…,” he wrote.

It also explains the tension between Laura and Draya during season one. Arenas took a slight jab at his ex by praising Draya for building her brand without using him as a catalyst.

“I thank her for making a name for herself and not using my name to pogo her career,” he said in the post.

As for why he’s speaking out now, Arenas explained, “Her son is 11…my kids are 9,8,5,4, and they can access the Internet and sh-t like this floating around can have kids confused.”


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(Photo Source: PR Photots/Draya Instagram)

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