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Azealia Banks has come to be more known for her outspoken remarks on social media than for her stylistic music.

The 24-year-old rapper is passionate about social inequalities, racism and sexism, and, more often than some folks care for, she vents her frustrations to fans, critics and media.

Earlier this year she told Playboy that she hates “fat White Americans, ” and she boldly called out gay males for their misogyny.

As you know, celebrities are often targets in Banks’ war with the world. You recall her cultural appropriation issues with Iggy Azalea, and the side-eye she gave Kendrick Lamar’s Ferugson comments. She attacked Erykah Badu for having multiple baby daddies, and most recently, she blasted Nicki Minaj’s Madame Tussauds wax figure.

Despite her willingness to freely share her wit and sharp tongue, Banks blames Black media for damaging her brand. Her latest target is Ebony magazine. Banks posted a picture via Twitter of an EBONY article about her beef with Iggy Azalea. She tweeted, “The only time I made it 2 ebony magazine was in a discussion of another white woman. Black media is counter productive.”


Her Twitter rant didn’t end before she begged Black media to stop covering her because they have done the “most damage to my brand.” Azalea has since deleted her first tweet directed to EBONY, but kept her follow-up comments posted, which you can read below.

After reading her comments, we wonder if she’s slightly bitter because she finally realized that her target audience would rather listen to Drake, Dej Loaf and Nicki Minaj, so only the White audience is left for her and this why she doesn’t mind blaming Blacks for her media issues. What do you think about her comments?

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(Photo Source: Azealia Banks Instagram)

8 thoughts on “Azealia Banks Blasts Black Media for Ruining Her Brand

  1. Okay so I am not the only one that does not know who she is.

    The only reason most of us clicked to read the article was because a Black woman blames Black media for ruining her “brand.”

    Perhaps this is her way of getting real media attention. Sadly, she does not have better handlers. (SMH!)

  2. Who?? I’ve never heard of this lady in my life and her face does not even look familiar. (I’m good at recognizing faces) LOL- What Brand?

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