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Columbus Short can’t seem to stay out of the headlines.

The former “Scandal” star was pursued and detained by bounty hunters and sheriffs in Los Angeles as the actor was hosting his album release party.

According to TMZ, Short was bum-rushed inside of a club at Universal Studios City Walk…just as he was about to do a soundcheck. Turns out he failed to appear in one of his domestic violence cases, and the judge issued a bench warrant to force him in.

Per TMZ:

In the video (seen here), Short is seen arguing with one of the bounty hunters … saying they freaked him out and he was afraid for his life. We’re told the bounty hunters were there because they’ll get a cut of his $500,000 bail. We’re told the bounty hunters swooped in because they believed Short was about to flee the county.

Watch the video here.

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(Photo Source: Columbus Short)