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In wake of the nationwide opening of the N.W.A biopic “Straight Outta Compton,” Eazy E’s daughter, E.B. Wright, (Erin Bria), is sharing her thoughts about her father’s portrayal in the film.


Though she was only four when he died, E.B. recalls fond memories of her dad, and she praises Jason Mitchell ‘s performance as Eazy.


“He did a phenomenal job,” she says of Mitchell. “I’m so incredibly proud. All my life I’ve been hearing these stories. Jason is everything I imagined [my father] to be … I really felt like I was watching him on the screen.”

NBCNews reports that E.B.’s resemblance to her father is so strong that “when “Rock the Bells” [music festival] wanted to create a hologram of my dad, they used my face,” E.B.says.



In a recent interview with City Pages, E.B. said Dr. Dre, Ice Cube and director F. Gary Gray did a “good job” focusing on the ‘brotherhood’ of the band. However, in a series of tweets posted over the weekend, she revealed that a lot of her father’s story isn’t mentioned in the movie.

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8 thoughts on “Eazy-E’s Daughter to Produce ‘A Ruthless Scandal’ Documentary

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  2. Elizabeth on said:

    Was not a documentary about her father. It was a portrayal about the whole group. Her mother was on the production team for the movie and would have had her say. This young ‘un needs to sit down. Anything she has to say would be hearsay or something she read.

    • Totally agree, stop with the shade. She should’ve been working on telling his story before Compton came out. Don’t jump on the band wagon now.

  3. Gee what is she doing taking a page from Marvin Gaye’s kids. I hope she knows for certain whatever she writes is true because she will be sued. She only knows what she was told if she was 4 when he died.

    • Timothy Green on said:

      I was thinking that EXACT same thing she wasn’t even alive when alot of the events the movie mentioned occurred, so any “facts” she can provide of events that occurred unless she can back up with a video or audio of the actual event is just as much hearsay as anyone elses account can be argued to be

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