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One year later and what a year it’s been.

I’m talking about Ferguson and the death of Michael Brown.

All weekend long there had been hundreds of marchers out on the streets, peacefully and respectfully marking Brown’s death.

And then, on Sunday, as it sadly, often does in these demonstrations, something went terribly wrong.

A fool with a gun started shooting and all hell broke loose.

It happened three separate times, according to police and witnesses on the scene.

CNN reporter Sara Sidner and other reporters were in the middle of interviewing the interim police chief when gunshots rang out.

Gunshots captured on camera in Ferguson

CNN captures the sound of gunshots in Ferguson, Missouri during an interview with the city’s interim police chief. CNN’s Sara Sidner reports.

“We just want to be as calm as possible.. (gunshots) live gunfire… cover.. cover.. “

The acting chief Andre Anderson was in the middle of telling reporters his department’s plans for keeping the peace.

Protesters, residents and members of the media scrambled for cover.

Police say when they encountered the suspected gunman he was running away after exchanging gunfire with an unknown person.

Police say detectives in an unmarked SUV turned on their emergency lights and went after the suspect, 18-year-old Tyrone Harris who allegedly unleashed a quote “remarkable amount of gunfire” on officers.

His aunt says her nephew did not fire on officers and did not own a gun.

But police say Harris used a stolen gun to shoot at police.

Local reports show a Facebook page with Harris brandishing weapons.

He’s in critical condition charged with four counts of first-degree assault on law enforcement, five counts of armed criminal action and one count of discharging a firearm at a motor vehicle.

Innocent until proven guilty, but it only takes one – one person to ruin the progress that Ferguson has been making over the last year.

It only takes one person to send the wrong message about protesters to the world and they usually do it under the cover of darkness.

Having spent time in Ferguson and witnessing several riots, I think protesters should seek to separate themselves from the criminal element by not holding demonstrations at night anymore.

What protesters did yesterday was brilliant.

They held an organized, civilized act of disobedience in broad daylight in front of the courthouse.

Their message was not overshadowed by those who only seek to disrupt without a solution.

Well done.

The movement is growing up.

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12 thoughts on “Don Lemon: Ferguson, No More Night Protests

  1. Vet Buckeye Mom on said:

    THANK YOU Ice Cube (LOVE ESPNs First Take/PTI)!!! I grew up with NWA and my St. Louis mom used to say to my wannabe thug brothers “Gangsters wear SUITS you idiots! How can you help your people sitting in jail?” I joked at work “You know Diddy, Ice, Fiddy, Snoop (loved yor ESPN show with son), Dre, Em etc probably have their kids in the best colleges while idiots robbing poor store clerks trying to keep it real!” That is why Black Lives Matter is a joke to me until they march against us murdering/robbing each other!! Again thank you Ice for telling these young idiots why you and Dre are rich as shigady and not in body bags shot by police…BOOM!!!!! Come on Dre you could make one appearance with Cube! hahahaha

  2. Nathaniel on said:

    This has been a question I have had for sometime as to why we are having a march at night. In my day we marched in the day light an made our point, also we never covered our faces as I see so many doing and again where are the parents who allow their kids to start shooting an acting out of order who only show up after their kid is hurt doing something that he or she knows is wrong.
    Before we as people can point fingers at others let take a real look at ourselves…and if you don’t think its true try walking thru your neighborhood at night.

  3. Prophetic Voice on said:

    And how are you seeking to uplift and empower the Black community Don Lemon? Through promoting stereotypical views of the “angry-black-loud-woman” as you have done with your interviews with Omarosa and the “Stump for Trump” women? Please take several seats. You have no credibility, Don.

  4. leonard Stone on said:

    I am so sick of turning to CNN for the news but all I can see is coverage of Ferguson or Donald Trump miss statements. Please—it has been over a week on the Trump thing but you and Anderson go on and on and on.

  5. The movement has no credibility any longer to America. You cannot have blacks killing blacks everyday on the streets of St. Louis and expect America to go along with Black Lives Matter. You cannot start a movement based on a lie and expect America to go along with Black Lives Matter. You cannot have the verbal and media attacks on the police far out weighing the crime by blacks and expect America to go along with Black Lives Matter. Statistics do not support the cause or the protesters. This is a black family issue. Change for blacks begins in their homes as parents long before the street takes hold. You cannot have a 6 year old, 12 and 15 year old black kids steal a car a week ago in St. Louis late into the night and go for a joy ride with toy guns and expect America to believe this is a racial problem. Where were those kids parents? Blacks have lost credibility to America because Blacks don’t respect themselves enough to solve this problem. It’s a foolish attempt to bring the 1950s back and ignore the real problems blacks need to face. There is racism, there are problem cops, jobs are hard to find…but this is the excuse not the source of black problems.

  6. Where’s the mention of Antonio French, a St. Louis Alderman of the 21st ward and a race hustler in the mold of Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. Now he’s as whiny as them too after the thugs stole his laptops ad iPads. Oh well. It’s called karma Antonio. LOLOLOLOLOLOL

    “Tonight I let 4 guys run into the #HealSTL office to get away from the gunfire. While I was in the front, they stole laptops and iPads. SMH.”

  7. KathyBFisher on said:

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  8. African American Woman on said:

    Too add, Don, all African Americans should distance themselves from the criminal elements in our race. Why should We support the same folks who damage our image to the world?

    • Ivan Cohen on said:

      Strange how the question is never put to Americans of Arab descent on how they view the actions of ISIS, the Taliban and Al Quida. Question being do they consider the aforementioned as “criminal elements. Do not play the world cheap! They have powers of discernment.

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